How DualShock 4's light bar works in Killzone: Shadow Fall

With a new PlayStation Eye camera, the light bar will enable some PlayStation Move-esque functionality. (It will make co-op games smarter, as well.) However, there are other applications for the light bar, as evidenced by Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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The_Infected1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

We done knew this =\

The only thing bad is you don't see the light bar when you hold the controller so you want see the ambient light form it in the day at all so it would only be useful in a really dark room.

ZodTheRipper1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Fortunately, my room is completely dimmed while gaming/watching movies :)
I'm sure we'll see a lot of creative uses of the light bar and the new dual shock in general.

shivvy241627d ago

i usually hate playing when theres external light such as flashing , i just hope that light bar doesnt distract me

jcnba281627d ago

Not trying to hate or anything but this feature seems pointless. Why would a co-op player want to look at his friend's controller to see if he/she are low on health? How would this feature work with online co-op when each player will be playing in their own houses?

nukeitall1626d ago

Yeah, this does seem completely pointless. I don't see this as even news worth posting here.

but hey, the feature is there for the PS4. It will be Sony's version of IllumiRoom! :D

Ashunderfire861626d ago

You can already do this with Alienware Desktop and Laptop.

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MaxXAttaxX1627d ago

The light is pretty big. It should be noticeable at a glimpse. And it's mostly for added effect. I'm sure the game will have a HUD as well.

MikeMyers1627d ago

I think a pulsating rumble effect would be better than a green to red light source. My eyes are more focued on the screen than the controller. The Playstation Move is a bit different in the way you hold it so the ball is easier to see. I do think that different colors makes it easier to distinguish which controller is whose.

imdaboss11627d ago

Well dont you game at night? i play my games in the dark all the time..even during the day time i just close my curtains..

MysticStrummer1627d ago

Agreed. The optimal gaming area (in my opinion) is dark like a home theater should be.

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Majin-vegeta1627d ago

That is so freaking awesome.

Gimmemorebubblez1627d ago

All I wonder is how you see the light.
1.You looking at the screen
2. Its positioned so you can't really see it from above.

Otherwise those features are pretty cool.

loulou1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"That is so freaking awesome"

i wonder if you and the people who agreed with you thought illumiroom was freaking awesome as well

edit: lol so how will you know the colour is changing when you are taking damage if you are watching the screen??

Baka-akaB1627d ago

Dunno how it's such a big deal , you can even notice the led of the regular ps3 pad ... so catching the bar in the corner of an eye seems easy enough imo

llMurcielagoll1627d ago

Hmm my only speculation is that if it is bright enough, you will notice it reflecting on your fingers which are positions on them triggers.

Of course you are looking at the screen the whole of the time but I am guessing while you play youd notice something is going on with the light panel but probably not by much.

DigitalRaptor1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

As far as being able to see the light, they should bring out a transparent plastic DS4, so the light passes through and reflects better - that and they look damn cool.

@ loulou

That's because this light bar has been designed to apply to gameplay, has genuine potential, and it's not a resource waster. While Illumiroom is a purely visual distraction from the composition of the screen, a gimmick waiting to happen and I'm not sure if you've seen the same Illumiroom video as me, but whatever is projected outside the screen looks like sh!t.

loulou1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

leave it out, some stupid light that will go the same way as "six-axis" a gimmick that will do nothing.

and what about people with LG tvs that are quite reflective?? "yeah it's totally awsome how that light is reflecting off of my screen"

this = waste of time, just like every other gimmick form sony, nintendo and m$.

just that on blogs4fanboys, coming from sony = greatness.

in another thread, i even saw one person write that on a snow level with a blue light might make you feel cold.....

you couldn't make up the stupid stuff that goes through the head of a fanboy

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kneon1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

That is so freaking mildly interesting.

You likely won't even notice the color change due to where the led is located so what's the point?


If the reflection is going to be that noticeable on the screen then I hope there is a way to turn it off for games that don't use it for motion control

jcnba281627d ago

Exactly, even if you play in the dark your tv is going to expose much more light than the ambient light on the ps4 controller that it will be very hard to see or notice.

Hicken1626d ago

I dunno about you, but even when I'm dialed in on a game and seriously focusing, I STILL notice things out of my peripheral.

It wouldn't be difficult to take note of a pulsing red glow just below you.

Try this: take your controller in your hands and sit how you normally sit in front of your TV. While staring at the TV, move your fingers around on the controller and see if you can notice the movement.

I guarantee you can.

ape0071627d ago

awesomeness, when i saw the PS4 i got that feeling when i saw the PS2

torchic1627d ago

PS4 is the true successor to the PS2, and I hope it can replecate the dominance of the PS2.

because usually when one company dominates an industry the results are that the standards of the industy fall. when Sony dominated however, we were given excellent quality hardware/software, the best ever seen in gaming.
in fact the quality of software fell when the competition was "stronger" (Final Fantasy XIII going multiplat was a perfect example)

Sony dominating is only good news to all involved in the industry, no matter who your preferred manufacturer is.

mydyingparadiselost1627d ago

This reminds me alot of the six axis. That's not a good thing.

mydyingparadiselost1627d ago

Because of the use of the light bar for motion tracking. The color idea is kinda cool but the bar is facing away from your face so it doesn't seem practical or like much of a game enhancing mechanic. Motion sensing and the colors seem unnecessary much like the motion tilt controls on the six axis were unnecessary and got in the way of playing a game instead of enhancing it.

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