Wii U price cut in UK

The Wii U recieved another price cut from a few retailers in the UK. After a recent price cut less than two months ago, ASDA, along with and is selling the basic bundle on the Wii U for £150.

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Kingthrash3601725d ago

wow....sounds like the 3ds when it was in trouble....dont know if it will work for wiiu but time will tell.......wait.. no drop for us!? not good

Moonman1725d ago

Time will show the Wii U becoming Nintendo's second largest home consoles sales.

LOL_WUT1725d ago

No universal price cut is really mind boggling ;)

avengers19781725d ago

This isn't Nintendo doing a price cut, it's just the retail stores cutting the price

weekev151725d ago

seems like an odd move on behalf of retailers. Theyll probably get away with selling at full retail price when the games come. If those units hadnt shifted by Christmas id be cutting the price for 2014. Nice for those that waited though.

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