UK Xbox 360 sales up 40% following price cut

Videogaming247 is reporting that UK Xbox 360 sales have risen 40% since the price of the console was dropped Europe-wide last week.

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poos33722d ago

360 this year is going to sell 18 million units its just the best console ever made for gaming

mistertwoturbo3722d ago

Please keep those comments in the open zone. And it's no wonder you only have two bubbles.

masterg3722d ago

It sold 7 million last year with a great line up.. What makes you think it will more than double it's sales this year.

40% is no where near double sales, and a price-cut impact can't last forever.

My bet is 6 million this year.

3722d ago
HighDefinition3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

It dropped price and still got outsold.(estimated)

PS3: 19,786 (21,158)
360: 19,545 (16,224)

HighDefinition3722d ago

how`s that?

PS3: 19,786 (21,158)
360: 19,545 (16,224)

with the price cut, I don`t think anyone is fearing that.

Maybe the PS2.

Lifendz3722d ago

but you can't be the best when you malfunction as much as it does, charge as much for online as it does, and charge so much for a separate HDD drive in an age when everyone is going to need an HDD soon.

360 had it right there. They're like that team in sports that's favored and has all the momentum but eventually gets in their own way and defeat themselves.

MS was their own worst enemy this gen.

actas1233722d ago

Man, the degrees are based on views not comments. Most ppl leave more than one comment. What the hell, how long have u been a member of this site?

sonarus3722d ago

@imad i am sorry your xbox news isn't getting hot lol. hey sony fanboys stop cooling off imad xbox news so it can get hotter so he can have a dance party.

Back on topic, @poos3 18million units try to get your head out of the clouds and think realistically. 360 sales are declining. They are selling less than last yr because ps3 is eating into their market share. They need a price cut in all regions. Despite being cheaper than the wii and the main version being 100 pounds cheaper than ps3 they still got outsold and you expect them to sell 18 million???.

40% in the first week isn't that good because the increase won't be long term. Long term might be 15% or 20% tops. But like i said before and was getting disagreed with, price drop won't have a huge impact on their sales because they were already cheaper than the ps3. Even if they are cheaper than the wii, the wii caters to a different audience so they won't be snatching up any wii customers. All that is left for msoft to do is sit back and complain of supply

MiniMii3722d ago

I say 5 million 360s this year.

There is no Halo 3 this year, folks.

TheMART3722d ago

@ masterg

Well it's price... Anything close to 200 to 250 Dollars/Euro sells to the mass of people. Thus, it can sell A LOT this year.

A PS3 for 400 Euro is the launch price of the 360, thats the price when the real gamers/hardcore buys.

Thus: we don't know yet what the impact exactly will be, but 40% increase in UK is a lot either way you twist it!

WIIIS13722d ago

To all the ignorant kids, price is a major contributing factor in sales. That explains the sales spike in PS3, and will also account to some extent for the dominance of 360 in the coming months.

CrazzyMan3722d ago

i mean, if in UK, where x360 doing it`s best and only 40%?
what about other Europe? i wonder, if x360 cross 10% increase.

Ok, i will give this week, because it`s only 2-3 days with new price. But if in next week there won`t be any big boost, then we can say good bye x360 in Europe.

wageslave3722d ago


Thankfully MS changed the system in mid-2007 to get rid of the heat issues.

Problem fixed. The Xbox 360 no longer has any heat issues. That's the best news.

wow4u3722d ago

Have you ever taken an Economics course?

What has changed here? Price. That is all. The demand, and supply (ignore the supply shortages for the purpose of this conversation) are steady.

That 40% increase is a response to price. Nothing else. All things remain equal in the other areas, you'll see a similar increase in demand.

Its PRICE ELASTICITIY. And, a luxury product like this, it is incredibly sensitive to price.

There should be a simliar change in demand, based on the price change, in the rest of the territories.

Its elemenatary level economics.

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green3722d ago

3 of my mates at work just got the 360 on sunday due to the price cut,and they aint really gamers.had to persuade them hard not to get the arcade and go for the pro.2 where convinced 1 wasn't.

We will just have to wait for another 2 weeks to see if the price cut will help them penetrate the casual market.

THWIP3722d ago

The REAL price cut will happen right before the holidays. ;)

anh_duong3722d ago

the arcade is sooo cheap hence it is so attractive regardless of the fact that the premium is a better buy.

Lifendz3722d ago

200 for the Pro? That's just crazy cheap. If they get to that neighborhood I guess they will soon a lot of systems.

wageslave3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I have two cousins waiting to get their Xbox 360 also.

They arent serious gamers either, they play EA NHL, GTA, Guitar Hero -- their wives may be interested in something like Brain Challenge, XBLA Puzzle games or Scene It?

They're waiting for the next price cut here, then they'll be getting an Elite or Pro to use for the Media Capabilities and for part-time gaming.

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Marty83703722d ago

Once the PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue bundle comes out Microsoft can kiss those 360 sales goodbye.

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spandexxking3722d ago

no need to hype GT5:p it speaks for its self

THWIP3722d ago

...because a Sony-exclusive franchise is going to persuade someone from buying a COMPETING console. I love your screwed logic. :o

People who are buying or will buy a 360 in the future DO NOT fit the same demographic as those who like the Sony-exclusive games.

Most 360 buyers:
- owned an XBOX
- likely owned/played a PS2, but were turned off by the weak graphics, and poor/nonexistent online (and are therefore hesitant to get a PS3)
- know LIVE is the better choice for hardcore online gaming...even with the small fee.
- Appreciate the varied games library, which includes a lot of games that otherwise would require an expensive PC rig
- Don't care about MGS, GT, FF, or R&C

So no, GT5 won't effect 360 sales...nor will MGS4. This spike in sales is due to a price drop, meaning those buying the 360 now, have been WAITING for a certain price, before they would go "next-gen". With the PS3 still 40% higher than the 360, these consumers are still just "waiting", where the PS3 is concerned...and they aren't "waiting" for a single game.

green3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

you are a hardcore gamer.casual gamers don't care about Gears,MGS4 or GT5.
They just want something to entertain them for a while.If not true then the wii would not have been a success.

Halo3 sold to more hardcore gamers and so will MGS4,but the casual gamers care more about price than software.They will buy games in a store just because the package looks good and the story at the back looks interesting.

meepmoopmeep3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

i agree with green and spandex...

one, MS is trying to make their console cheaper to reach casual gamers since the hardcores have most likely bought one already.

but system exclusives move consoles as well, you would be an idiot to think it would not. but for the casual gamer this will not be the case unless they hear about it from a friend or see a really well marketing ad.

green3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Very true.because if casual gamers care about software like hardcore gamers then the 360 software sales should have gone up by 40% as well.,but it did't.

Which means they just got the console and nothing else,or got the bundled deals that were advertised from major retailers.

Me i am a hardcore gamer and will get a PS3 the day GT5 drops

meepmoopmeep3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

i agree green.

from here on out i think 99% of the 360 sales are from casual gamers. the release of huge titles like Halo 3, Bioshock and others would have already scooped up the remaining hardcores.

the PS3 on the other hand has yet to scoop up their hardcore userbase and so the PS3 sales at this time will be a mix of hardcores, casuals or blu-ray fanatics.

spandexxking3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

fair point. but you got to think that if it wasnt for the likes of the exclusive mini games/casual games the wii has it wouldnt sell. the wii is more expensive but the games are more appealing to those sort of people. so its not just price (althogh it is a key factor)

@mr playboy. your making guesses on games that arent even out

3722d ago
meepmoopmeep3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

agreed. price does not necessarily mean a console will fly off the shelves and casual consumers usually look at the titles on display or like green said, they buy a bundle.

but games are a very big factor in the decision making of casual gamers and a platform needs to have a good variety of casual games to cater to them.

nobody ever said GTP would sell millions of PS3's so i don't know where you got that delusional thought. it will however help sell more consoles. 1Million pre-orders in the UK alone. don't underestimate the fanbase of GT

sonarus3722d ago

360 is catering to the casual audience but they lack the charm the wii has to capture them. Plus lets not forget if they start to go lower they start competing with the ps2. Casual gamers don't care about graphics they just want to play guitar hero rockband e.t.c.

And yes GT5 will dampen 360 sales a bit. The whole industry works on market share. If one gamer buys an X360 that is one gamer who didn't buy a ps3. So the more people buying ps3's, the less the people buying X360 because they both operate on the same market even though 360 likes to think they a re going after casual audience. I would like to hear how many core consoles were actually sold due to the price cut. Price is a huge advantage but most people see price as relative. They were already cheaper than the ps3 before now they are even cheaper things won't change much. Same would happen if the wii price dropped. Not much sales increase. If the ps3 price dropped however expect a bigger sales increase.

WIIIS13722d ago

You're absolutely wrong. 360 isn't trying to charm the casual gamers. 360 is stealing a large chunk of the population of PS2 Nation.

sak5003722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Where did i hear this before? Oh yeah, at E3 05, Nov 2005 before 360s launch, @ PS3's launch, then when Lair was coming out, dont forget HS and Unchartered and Warkhawk were going to shut down 360 business as well. Or how about KZ2 and MGS4 will put the final nail in 360's coffin.

If 360 is dying then I'll happily lay it to rest while playing ME2, GeOW2, Alan, GTA IV, NG2 etc.

Cupid_Viper_33722d ago

please help your xbox supporters to stop contradicting one another. one is saying that the 360 is going after casual gamers and the other is saying otherwise.
here's ã few thing to consider: 1) you can't go after casual gamers with ã system that has ã failure rate ranging from 16 to 30 percent, it will simply backfire. imagine 20 to 40 million ps2 failing, Sony would be destroid. just like the toys from china, the backlash would be huge. so only the hardcore gamer can justify repeated failures.

2) the ps2 and ps3 are outselling the 360, most recently in america. now whatever the reason behind this FACT, we all know That the masses mostly believe in "word of mouth" and the word on the street is that the 360 is unreliable and the ps3 is ã better value. for example, if you're planning to move into ã new neighborhood, and on the news they say that in that particular town there's ã 16 to 30 percent chance that someone will break into your house and probably kill you, and they show you people that got their house robbed multiple times and stuff, will you still move in? most people won't. and the ones that do will eventually move out.

so what im trying to say is that when somebody put anywhere between $400 to $600 into ã system ,while every other systems are $100 to $200 cheaper, that is ã conscious decision that was entirely based on value rather than price. microsoft will always win the price battle against the ps3, but when it comes to value, its ã no brainer, and that's why the 360 gets outsold worldwide.

wageslave3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Finally some sense here. Price matters _so_ much to the mass market.

I've got friends and family who just dont want to pay too much for their next-gen machine. They've had machines before. Dont play all the time -- they are casual gamers.

They'll pickup a few sports games, GH, GTA... the Forza 2 Bundle is good, but its still priced for early adopters here in the USA.

A game like Scene It? And the Party Trivia games that are sure to come for the Big Button Controllers are what sells to the Wii crowd. The puzzle games, party games and XBLA titles -- you want to see a party go crazy? Pull out Pac Man Championship Edition. That nostalgia has much apppeal.

Hardcore gamers are already buying the Xbox 360 in droves (you can see that by the software sales). The casual gamer is the one that is sensative to price. Not the hardcore.

wow4u3722d ago

Its nice to see some level-headed thinking here.

The people who think that GT5 or MGS4 are going to influence the masses are talking with their hardcore-gamer-hats-on.

Sometimes I wonder how many of the members of this board have finished college. Does Price Elasticity mean anything to you people?

chaosatom3333722d ago

LMAO. I can't stop laughing. bubbles for u man.

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vloeistof3722d ago

wonder how much sales will go up for ps3 if they do it around gt5p or mgs4

masterg3722d ago

Sony's 3 aces in the coming months will have a huge impact.
First we have GT5P.. This is way underrated as a system seller. Some people may think it's a demo. But most casual games think of this as a full game. And to be honest it's not far from.

The comes GTA4. On both consoles. Plenty of my friends are casual PS2 gamers. I don't think any one of them even knows it's coming to the 360 as well.

MSG4. This is the time where the people who didn't think GTA4 was enough will say "Okay I can't take it anymore". I will buy the damn machine and get GTA4,GT5P and MSG4 at the same time (3 very different games).

sonarus3722d ago

exactly. GT5P is a way underrated system seller. The GT5 prologue bundle was a very smart move. Plus not to forget the huge marketing they will be doing towards launch the tournaments across game stores will catch a lot of attention and give them a lot of sales. Then lets not forget the bundle. Long story short, I expect about 40% sales increase once GT5P drops.

I am saying it now ps3 big 4 are GT5P,GTA4,HAZE,MGS4. Those 4 games within a month of each other will give excellent sales for ps3. Not so sure about haze not expecting it to be amazing but the promise of 4 player coop thru any combination of split screen and online will make it worthwhile for many

wageslave3722d ago


"I don't think any one of them even knows it's coming to the 360 as well."

That is untrue and you know it. Wait until the commercials start to roll out...

kwicksandz3721d ago

i am a hardcore gamer. i have bought the previous games in the GT series and gt3 was the decider for my ps2 back in the day.

but your smoking something chronic if you think that a demo will sell me a ps3. gt5 bundle sure but gt5p? GTFO

Bloodwar3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

You've made some good points, but you should tell your friends who might still be on the fence that Gears of War 1 and 2 are only on the 360, the entire Halo series as well as Halo Wars are 360 games. Hands down, Xbox Live, even with its minute annual fee is superior to the PS3 or Wii's online systems and 360 is getting that game that allows a 120 players battle it out on a nice big MMOFPS known as Huxley.

A huge library of movies can be found on Live which can be downloaded and viewed in HD quality, and there is a decent set of XBL Arcade games that can be had for little money. And even today, present gen games being created on the PS3 and the 360, the Xbox 360 version of the games still comes out as the better of the set of games. Check out the reviews of games that have come out in the past week on the two game systems. And lastly, both versions of Grand Theft Auto IV will have downloadable content, but in addition to that content, Microsoft pumped 50 million dollars into Take Two's coffers which allows for exclusive content for the 360. New missions, localities, vehicles and perhaps even entire other city that can only be had on the 360 version. Most high end top of the line programmed games required 20 to 30 million dollars to produce. 50 million dollars is going to end up being a lot of content.

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sleepbox3722d ago

There BETTER be a price cut in the US when GTA4 is released. If MS doesn't do this they are idiots.