Rumor: Big announcement for The Sims series next Monday (in German) said that two days ago they was received an invitation from The Sims studio for an exclusive conference on Monday, and they are the only German website invited . So what is the special announcement?

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jay21781d ago

The Sims 4 for PC and next gen.

Root1781d ago


As I've said before though I hope console owners don't get a different dumbed down game. There is nothing stopping them from making the same game for consoles with the expansions being DLC. They would make a killing if they did this as those expansions would be things people wouldn't mind paying long as the console version is up to scratch with the PC one.

Every Sims game for consoles have been different, I don't see, for example, how they couldn't make it so we could walk around our neighborhood in the Sims 3 without loading times like the PC version...the tec is there they just need to use it

Raf1k11780d ago

I'd like a new Sims game too but I hate the fact they cut down the number of items you can purchase so you end up feeling like you need to buy dlc.

Prodigy-X1781d ago

The Sims 4 for current and next gen.

iamlegend99991780d ago

If its gonna be sims 4 for next gen. I'm getting it.

pompombrum1780d ago

It's going to be The Sims social, even more casual edition.

kwyjibo1780d ago

Another always online DRM clusterfuck, now for consoles too. And unlike SimCity, which gamers mostly shunned, the casuals will have no idea!