PlayStation Perspective #1: Is Syphon Filter Dead?

IGN: "Sony’s most mysterious studio is toiling away on something. What could it be?"

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sherimae24132025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

yeah this is one mystery studio from sony....

the last news we got from them, came on november from playstation lifestyle and it indicates that sony bend is working on another AAA vita game base on their job listings

and then its followed on december also by playstation lifestyle and it indicates that their vita game will have multiplayer components...

and then thats it, they are been tightlip since then, i think that game will be announced in E3 ^_^

the question is what game could be it, they says its been on development since after they finished golden abyss
could it be another uncharted, or a proper resistance, a syphon filter or a new ip? what is your guess guys ^_^

LOGICWINS2025d ago

I think E3 will show us what the Vita can REALLY do. Much like Uncharted 2 showed us what the PS3 could really do. If there is another Uncharted game on the Vita, I'm expecting a multiplayer component similar to that of Uncharted 2's.

I just hope that Sony doesn't wait too long to drop the Vita's price.

capjacksparrow2025d ago

I just beat Persona 4 The Golden on my Vita and I would love to see more RPGs like that on the system. The Vita is the most capable handheld yet (and I've had most of them). I hope you're right and they are able to show some awesome Vita stuff with a Price drop and the inclusion of at least a 4GB Memory card in all models.

thereapersson2025d ago

I for one definitely hope they drop the price on the Vita, because I would certainly buy one in an instant. Price drop news this June, hopefully; I haven't been this excited for E3 in a while.

Kingthrash3602025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

give me Gabe Logan or Drake please (vita)

Majin-vegeta2025d ago

Why not both??or better yet a crossover??:0

Kingthrash3602025d ago

crossover is a great idea....part stealth, part adventure...all badass-awsomness!

Sevir2025d ago

Its just crazy how talented they are! I'd love it if these guys took their experience they did with Resistance and make a 3rd person entry into the resistance franchise on the PS4, It would be a cross between Syphon Filter's stealth and the resistance style and crazy weapons. besides Insomniac, they are the only one's who've done the series justice. The series could find its place in this shooter genre if it became a 3rd person franchise,

They totally captured the grit and tension in the PSP resistance title. i loved it!

I cant wait to see what they are working on for the vita, i loved Golden Abyss and they seem to have a great understanding of handhelds, but its time for Bend to expand to multiple teams and work on the PS4 as well as the Vita.

Damn Shame, fans slept on resistance 3, and the fact that Sony hung Resistance 3 out to dry by not marketing it well enough. :(