Are Apple's MacBook Airs overheating?

It's the fashionista's laptop of choice, but is the MacBook Air suffering from overheating problems?

Apple released a fix for the MacBook Air's fan earlier this week - "SMC Update 1.0 …fine-tunes the speed and operation of the internal fan" - following on from complaints from a number of users that their ultra-fashionable skinny new laptops were overheating.

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decapitator3750d ago

Hope this is some sort of rumor, with Microsoft seeming like they will be pulling the plug on XP, it is only a matter of time before I pick up one. Apple, don't disappoint.

BrianC62343750d ago

I hope the guy who commented about using the laptop on a flat surface isn't right. The benefit of having a laptop is you can use it anywhere. You shouldn't have to sit at a desk or table to use it. If you want to use it in bed you should be able to.

I don't see a good reason to buy one of these Apple laptops though. They're nice but way too much money and not powerful enough. The good model is around $3000. It just isn't good enough for that much.

killax35633750d ago

What a putz.

Seriously this whole cult of personality thing in the American business is f**king beyond retarded. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman..... who gives a crap? Just do ur job without being all Hollywood.

Before the 1970's, you had cults of personality built around political figures (Nixon, Krustev, Kennedy, Castro, etc, etc). Now we have cults of personality over business figures..... no wonder these CEO's get paid 200x more than the average worker, because the American media worships these corporate fvcks.

Phil Harrison Mk43750d ago

...Only if Micro$oft make'em!!! ;-D
i.e Red Ring of Death = xBox 360!!!

Bleucrunch3750d ago

LOL LOL LOL that was funny and yet soooooo true. bubbles for you!

Cintai3750d ago

That Dell had to recall batteries from their Laptops in 2006 because they were apparently exploding. Funny who made those batteries. SONY!!!!

Also why does an article about Apple Laptops have to be a flame war between PS3 and the 360. Which is started by Sony Fanboys.

meepmoopmeep3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

i wouldn't be surprised seeing as they crammed all that into half an inch thick. my MacBook Pro gets extremely hot on the top side though it hasn't overheated yet. it might also be that it's aluminum.

if you're in the market for a Mac i would go with the MacBook or the Pro

TriggerHappy3750d ago

I wonder who the hell's idea it was to not include a dvd/ bd drive in there.

TheWiseguy3750d ago

i think its a genius idea to not include an optical. i have a macbook pro and i hardly use my optical drive. if you need one the $99 external isnt really a wallet breaker. i intend n picking up an air this summer/fall when they bump it up to a 128gb SSD

BrianC62343750d ago

"I wonder who the hell's idea it was to not include a dvd/ bd drive in there."

Apple was the first one to stop including a floppy drive too. Now look at computers. Most don't have a floppy. As for having no optical drive though, plenty of Windows laptops already do that. They're called sub-notebooks. If you need a CD/DVD/Blu-ray or whatever drive you connect it through a USB port. It means a lighter computer so it's easier to take with you. This model Mac is really just for the wealthy like executives anyway. Do they really need an optical drive? Most don't even need a computer.

akaFullMetal3750d ago

i know i touched one, at a bestbuy and it was pretty hot, dont know if its was because it was one all day but still it was pretty warm.

jinn3750d ago

the curse of the RROD continues

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