Opinion: Why people who whine about review scores are wankers

Nobody likes being disagreed with, and nobody enjoys having something that they like besmirched. However, when it comes to differences of opinion, there is a marked difference between debating the issue and becoming a stupid, whiny crybaby.

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wardrox3751d ago

I must say I agree with the guy who wrote this. You can not demand reviewers be honest and then disagree with them and complain when they give an honest review.

Superiorrior3751d ago

Just like this guys opinion, everyone opinion is different, your opinion is you COULD disagree with the reviewer, that just might be the way you think of it, and who's to tell you how you should think of some one else' opinion?

PS360WII3751d ago

Boo to this guys opinion. Seriously he's just trying to bring the score down for more hits.... oh wait.. crap

MK_Red3751d ago

I'm with you.
Destructoid is trying to defend their Condemned 2 score by saying this. 3/10!? I'm not whining about it. I'm completely against it. Honest is one thing. Looking for more hits by stupid scores is another.

There was one site / reviewer that gave 2/10 to Super Mario Galaxy and what Destructoid did with Condemned 2 is no different: They both are looking for more hits and now this article is kinda like damage control.

meepmoopmeep3751d ago

opinions are baseless when trying to prove a point. everyone has their own opinion. that's what i don't understand about these score-whores.

BeaArthur3751d ago

Everybody likes different types of games so I don't worry about what reviewers write. I only rely on reviews when I don't know too much about a game, and even then I only used them in the context of an overall average. If it's combined score is garbage I probably won't get it, if it's good I might check it out.

kewlkat0073751d ago


Reviews can be subjective. Especially when the reviewer does not really play much in that particular genre.

I'd rather listen to somebody that is in love with a certain genre and have seen it progress and have good ideas on how to push it, then somebody just doing a job for a paycheck and have no clue where the genre is headed.

Do reviewers actually finish the whole game before reviewing? some do not seem they even beat the game.

Superiorrior3751d ago

Most reviewers play on EASY to skim through the bare necessities, to some gamers that blasphemy but what can you do, in the end you gotta make up your own opinion about the game, like Time Crisis 4, reviewers say it sucks ass, to them it might but I love arcade shooters, have since I was a little kid, so it was a worth while purchase for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.