A Spiritual Successor To 'Eternal Darkness' Could Happen. Here's 4 Reasons This Is A Bad Thing.

Like most Nintendo fans we owned and enjoyed Eternal Darkness and have been hoping for a sequel for years, so obviously we're overjoyed at this news a spiritual successor might be on the way! Right? Well, not exactly. Here's four reasons Shadow of the Eternals should never happen.

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BlackWolf2048d ago

Wow!! Just revealed and some folk goes here pointing that it could be a bad game. Why can't we be a little bit optimistic and hope for the best?

Jek_Porkins2048d ago

Because people like to see other people unhappy, they are pessimists, now I'm an optimist, so I always look for the best in everything. I'm stoked about this game and hope it comes to fruition.

avengers19782048d ago

Eternal darkness was a great game... I hope to see more of this game at E3 or TGS.
I'm have high hopes for this game

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I Agree with you and Jek_Porkins.

I love SK and Nintendo but they have sat on a great IP forever and have done nothing with it.

So, if another game comes along (On WiiU-All Plat. Confirmed) that uses a similar formula- GREAT.

I am not angry at Nintendo and SK for not working the IP. Nintendo now owns Fatal Frame (Monolith Software) and SK always had the goal of dev. "Too Human".
-So I can see why they never got back to it, even though Nintendo just recently renewed the copyrights of the IP.

So, if this game makes it to WiiU- I will buy it. And I hope that it is a smashing success-
Having one more game like Eternal Darkness (Psychological Horror/Thriller) in no way diminishes the value of the IP.

Rayman Legend, Sonic- Does not diminish Mario.
Final Fantasy, Tales of- Does not diminish Xenoblade.
Watch_Dogs won't kill GTA.
2K did not kill EA Sport Titles.

The industry is Big Enough for more HAPPINESS.

daclynk2048d ago

ohh Shit The Drones and Haters have started already.

Brucis2048d ago

Stop. You aren't doing anything but provoking people. I'm extremely excited for this game but you screaming 'lel nintendomination xD' isn't going to help anything, only make things worse. If anything that will draw negative attention.

chadboban2048d ago

Dude calm the hell down. Comments like that do nothing but make fans look bad. Not saying that it's not okay to be excited but turn it down a notch.


...ehem, sorry bout that little outburst.

As you were gentlemen.

stuntman_mike2048d ago

the chapel in the video is the same one in the first game that poor Anthony and Paul Luther visit. they even have the secret door in the book case.

really hope it gets made.

ACESupERIC2048d ago

I'm torn betweenYAY YAHOO OMFG CANT [email protected]&#ING WAIT! And please please please don't screw this up.

BigDuo2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

The problem is Nintendo groomed Silicon Knights while it was working on Eternal Darkness, just like it continues to do with Retro Studios, Next Level Games, and Monster Games. That's not to say that these development studios are not talented on their own (they are), but Nintendo's known for its production assistance and consultant support skills.

So with Denis heading a new development team without Nintendo backing it up, I think most of us are concerned about the quality of this sequel, and it doesn't help that the staff only has 8 guys on it. Anyway, with Denis and his peeps requesting $1.5 million donation fund, its unlikely the dev team has the means to self-fund the game.

stuntman_mike2043d ago

most of those guy's working in this new company are former silicon knights employee's.

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