Microsoft, It's Time to Kill Off Gamerscore

Default Prime's Alex Carlson examines the flawed and ambiguous nature of Gamerscore and why Microsoft's next console should shutter it for good.

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GalacticEmpire1816d ago

I don't think they should scrap them, just give them better structure, like PS Trophies.

ThatCanadianGuy5141816d ago

Yep.Trophies are just so much more satisfying.

Bronze, silver, gold and the coveted platinums, each adding their own value to your exp to 'level up'



It's a pretty archaic system.Not just microsoft either.Steam really needs to get with the times as well.

JoGam1816d ago

I like trophies better however I think Sony should add to the system. Make like a next gen trophy system.

Tr10wn1816d ago

its achievements... beside that there isnt much left, they should make it more rewarding like the one is splosion man and ms splosion man and the one in halo, steam should do the same.

EVILDEAD3601816d ago

Always was a huge fan of achievements since the 360 launched.

It's been an huge part of the 360 and IMO it would be stupid to scrap them.

If MS is smart they will let 360 gamers continue them through next gen.

But I'm sure they realize the backlash from hardcore 360 gamers if they did.


Minato-Namikaze1816d ago

@evil dead

I think you are misunderstanding what they mean? Maybe the should have revamped. If you look at a person's trophies you are instantly able to get a sense of a persons skill level in games because they have 4 tiers. Its harder too do that with achievements because its just a number.

NukaCola1816d ago

Well I think next gen won't compatible with this gen so I think for MS and Sony they should allow current gen awards to be displayed and carried over, but revamp next gen achievements and trophies. I would like to see more awards from earning them. I do like MS is also pushing for dynamic adding of achievements. Uncharted 3 did this with their updates by adding those extra fun trophies that don't take away from the core Platinum. I am hoping for those, so games can have weekly challenges and such.

Bud you got to lighten up. A little criticism towards MS means people care and want to see them improve. You don't have to go full defense all the time. MS has been doing this just about 10 years plus, Sony almost 18 years, and others near 30-35 now. Gaming didn't begin with the Xbox and you got to realize it.

DragonKnight1816d ago

Speaking as someone who grew up with the NES and Arcades and such, Gamerscore is kind of a refreshing throwback to the high score days of old, but it's very poorly implemented. The appeal of trophies is that they appear to be contributing to something. Even if what they are contributing to doesn't really matter or have any impact on anything. With gamerscore, it's just a generic number.

If Gamerscore truly acted like a high score, it might be more appealing. Honestly, I think the amount of "hardcore 360 gamers" that actually care about the basic number aren't as many as some would have us believe. Gamerscore doesn't even showcase any kind of skill or effort, because it can easily represent just playing a lot of games.

Either way, both systems are not at all necessary to anything and if anyone thinks they are a necessity, they have terrible priorities and should stop gaming. Games shouldn't be about collection 200 random object to get that one achievement for the small boost in your score and same for trophies. They should be about the fun you're having with the game.

MikeMyers1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Not sure what they can or will do. It becomes less relevant as time goes on if it's just a number that continues to get larger.

I say scrap it and start over. Offer a new unique challenge system that shows off your achievements and make it so it has more credibility and value to other gamers who view it.


"Gamerscore doesn't even showcase any kind of skill or effort, because it can easily represent just playing a lot of games."

Actually it does if you look deeper into what they unlocked. It's up to the publisher to decide the value and what achievements are given out. Trophies at first glance have the same problem. A gold trophy in one game could be much harder to get in another. There isn't any real consistency there either on skill or effort. Getting a 1000/1000 is the same as getting all the Trophies.

LAZL0-Panaflex1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

I agree with evil dead. Plus I like how if I'm at 800 or900ish I can just stop and play something else like I did in crysis 3....around 840 I just said eh my time is more valuable then that last 100 something points. I got 15 platinums and I'll tell u honestly they ruin lives. All the fights I had with my wife and all the sleep I lost trying to get those last 2 or 3 bronze trophies that were extremely hard, annoying or wouldn't pop. I had to work the next day mind you, and I'd be up like a mad man searching for 350 blastshards. I do hope they get rid of the useless level system and just put the number of platinums then a slash then total trophy number next to our gamer id's this time.

Like lpanaflex78 15/2375. See much better. Also they need to synce trophies like achievement points. It shouldn't take 5-10 minutes to compare trophies to some stranger, if I'm playing call of duty and I wanna see what games dickwad92 played I wanna do it quick like on Xbox and be in and out before the next match starts.

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joab7771816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I like it being different than PS. I love trophies but I have to have the plat. So, if its a game I may not plat, I get it for xbox if all else is equal.

But there is an obvious solution. Have one gamerscore but allow it to have different categories. This way, for those who want to know, they can dig further to see more info.

Also I just heard on IGN that on next gen, Sony and MS will have the ability, or developers will, to add trophies at any time. How about we get achievements and down the road based on how hard they are or how many ppl have obtained it, u get a multiplier that increases overall score. That way your level or gamerscore will directly reflect how good u r. Take how many ppl play a certain game and how many actually get a particulartrophy and u will know how difficult is. Yes I know there are some problems but it could work especially if u involve other gamers rating them or something.

DOMination-1816d ago

Trueachievements website does that

AngelicIceDiamond1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Or how bout MS innovates the structure that's unique to them, instead of making it like Sony's.

We don't want copy cats now. And Sony fanboys saying "we had it first".

EDIT: This is an idea I've been thinking of for while.

I was think MS had different servers within their infrastructure. That allows users to switch between The core achievement and gamerscore system and other being for modding and "influencing" system but with out gamerscore and achievement.

That would be the coolest thing ever imo. 1 tailor for achievements and GS and the other for the modding community, but it'll never happen though.

Why o why1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Explain the modding part.. sounds different.

Secondly, I believe If there were no achievements there may never of been trophies. Copying happens. Trophies are an evolution of achievements. No loss of face if ms implemented a semi similar version.

At evil, nothing wrong with a revamp dude. A number doesn't paint a better picture than a tiered system. Ease of use and accessibility was always something live 'preferrers' said they liked...

*preferrers should be a real word*

iNathan1816d ago

Trophies are just a rip off lol

let gamerscore alone, i dont care about it but its a good thing to have.

Irishguy951816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Trophies are a rip off, but also an improvement. Trophies and numbers versus Numbers.

I think both are **** anyway. I don't want bragging rights myself/proof of being a loser.

There will be alot here who try and disagree that Sony only put in trophies because MS had achievements. Psn was basically taking all of the Xboxs(including gold) features and playing catch up for years. All that is left is cross game chat.

EeJLP-1816d ago

Trophies and levels* vs. numbers.

I go for platinums now that they're there, but at times it feels like work instead of fun, but it's also nice to have that extra challenge and get more out of the games and add to replay value.

The only addition I want to see with trophies is the ability to delete or hide games you don't want on your trophy list. Games you didn't like, don't feel like going back to, just wanted to try out, etc.

1815d ago
WeAreLegion1816d ago

Ratchet & Clank had "Achievements" on the PS2, so I don't think anyone stole the idea.

GameCents1816d ago

I like my Gamerscore thank you very much.

mrbojingles1816d ago

Only on N4G would three people disagree with someone simply saying they like something,...

SegaGamer1816d ago

Who really cares how many points you get for certain achievements ?

I have a love hate feeling towards achievements. I think they are a good idea but most achievements are not fun to achieve, most of them are boring, especially online ones. I would love it if online achievements were removed.

SpiralTear1816d ago

I don't think there's any way to get online achievements once the games that have them are taken offline.

admiralvic1816d ago

Depends what the task entails. Sometimes the "online" achievements can be done with splitscreen (at least with trophies), though if it requires online to do... then no.

fsfsxii1815d ago

Anybody remembers Ghost Recon Future Soldier online trophies/Achievments?? One of the most boring and hard trophies i ever tried to get, and failed

LAZL0-Panaflex1815d ago

Me too but they're put there so u don't sell the game

Supermax1816d ago

I think you should be able to use your gamer score to buy Xbox live games with or any other media you can get threw live.

SpiralTear1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

As great and logical as that sounds for gamers, Microsoft would lose a ton of money on that unless the exchange rate was something bizarrely 10000 Gamerscore Points equals 40 Microsoft Store points.

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