DRM Doesn't Work

"I had my copy of SimCity ready to be installed and I was eager to play. At the designated time of release, I entered my 25-digit product key and hit the download button. Nothing happened. The download servers were already at peak capacity and no one could download the game they had purchased. Luckily, I had a physical copy of the game, so I did something I haven’t done since probably 2005: I put a physical game disc in my disc drive and installed it from there. Around fifteen minutes later my install was complete and I was ready to start playing SimCity. Nope, that definitely didn’t happen."

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Godmars2901932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It drives legitimate customers towards piracy.

Isn't that what it was suppose to do?

Though seriously, need to stop looking at the next Xbox and pay more attention to 3rd party publishers like Ubisoft. They're suppose to be trying to work in a DRM like its an actual component of games like Stray Dogs and AC4 but that wont change the fact that the game wont be playable offline.

ApolloTheBoss1932d ago

Yes. It only encourages piracy.

MadMen1932d ago

I support this articles message.

kma2k1932d ago

Every time i hear drm doesnt work I imagine that being told to the big ceo type guys & there resonse is covering there ears & running away

josephayal1932d ago

DRM is the worst thing in the gaming industry

ATi_Elite1932d ago

I thought BAD Games were the worst thing in the gaming industry.

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