Six-core Intel processors coming this year

Advancing its architecture at what most independent observers would now agree is a breakneck pace, Intel offered further details today on how soon it would begin phasing out the Core Microarchitecture it introduced in the summer of 2006.

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decapitator3656d ago

Intel bringing the heat to the PC world. Best of luck.

JsonHenry3656d ago

And in three years there will be a program that actually uses all six cores!!

THWIP3656d ago

...Intel will have added another 4 cores. I'm starting to see a disturbing trend here. :/

Gorgon3656d ago

"And in three years there will be a program that actually uses all six cores!!"

There are many applications that benefit from 6 or more cores. Rendering, for example, encoding/decoding audio and video, etc. Thing is, its useful for professionals, but worthless for games at this time.

JsonHenry3656d ago

Yeah, seems kinda odd to me that they are already adding cores when I can't think of very many programs (or games for that matter) that use more than 2 cores. Hell, a lot of new games don't even use 2 cores yet!

JsonHenry3656d ago

Agreed. But they tend to try and market those extra cores to non-professional users and justify the price by saying it is going to make things 6X faster.

But, never the one to complain about advances in technology. I hope we have 20+ core CPUs long before we actually need them.

Gorgon3656d ago

Yep, its PR BS. But yeah, its good to have them, because it always lets game devs push the envelope as far as they can. And consoles benefit also.

solidt123656d ago

No Shocker. The Apple Mac Pro has 8 Cores in it and it is available now. I love my G5 Mac Pro.

Gorgon3656d ago

"No Shocker. The Apple Mac Pro has 8 Cores in it and it is available now. I love my G5 Mac Pro"

Yes, but its 2 quad cores, not a single 8 cores processor. Not the same thing we are talking about. There are PC workstations using 2 quad cores for a long time too.

Bladestar3656d ago

actually is comming sooner than most of you think.

Microsoft is creating adding multicore libraries to their existing framework that will make programming with multicore natural and is native to the .net framework 3.5.

Currently not lots of programs do not support multicore because it's hard to do so, it takes lots of effort to do it right.

here is a detailed article about it:


Now that the .net framework allow developers to use cores without killing themselves... there is no reason why not to use it.

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THWIP3656d ago

I thought the Dual Quads, or "V8s" as some people call them, were considered 8-core processors. If not, and those are merely dual 4-cores...does that mean we'll see a V12 before long??
At this pace, even the Cell will be outdated within 3-4 years ; the next XBOX will likely need a Dual Tri-core, just to keep up with the mid-level specs for Windows PC ports. o_0

DeadlyFire3656d ago

6 and 8 are only the begining. Intel and AMD will go higher in 2009 and 2010. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of plan of 12-14-16(likely core chips in late 2009)30-32(likely later in 2010) chips coming in the future. It won't stop there either. The Cell is already outdated by standard PCs. While the Cell is great for super calculations and ray tracing and new gaming trends. Most PCs can already handle bigger applications and rendering with less calculations. Don't be too surprised to see 32 or more cores in the next X-box or Playstation in 2011 or so. :P

meepmoopmeep3656d ago

great, but will it break the speed cap bottleneck without melting your mainboard?

THWIP3656d ago

This reminds me of the grease monkey mechanic, who keeps tearing down, boring-over, and tweaking his Chevy big-block...then drops it back in, and shreds his rear-diff. Unless all of the components in a PC are upgraded simultaneously, most of this added "horsepower" will go to waste.

spandexxking3656d ago

crazy! wonder what ten years will bring. i love the age we live in, so many technological advances.

meepmoopmeep3656d ago

by 10 years there will be nano processors and A.I trying to take over the world... well, if Earth lives on after 2012 that is.

xhi43656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

when will this be released?

when would I be able to buy for instance a dell xps with this in it?

and/or when would i be able to buy this standalone so I can build my own pc?

mighty_douche3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I would of thought it will be available to you around the same time as Dell, if not maybe before.

These will be BIG money though dude, especially if you go with Dell. Please dont! There are many companies out there whos build quality/support is equal but prices are much lower. Or build your own, personally i love putting the stuff together and that first worrying "power-up"....


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