Consoles that won’t die: The SNES in 2013

For many gamers of a certain age, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, represents all that is good about their hobby. Despite being 22 years old, the console remains timeless, with a lively second-hand market and committed playing community.

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darkronin2292024d ago

The SNES is one of the few older consoles I wish I had kept.

crazytown992024d ago

Mine still works. Can't say that for my first 360.

JeffGrubb2024d ago

What an amazing console.

Sadie21002024d ago

One of the best ever. No one would disagree with that -- except for maybe some Genesis fanboys.

maniacmayhem2024d ago

*sits in rocking chair*
*puffs corn pipe*

I remember when there was no internet and the console wars were fought on the school playground!

NES vs. Master System!
Super Nintendo vs. Genesis.

You had to be as tough as steel and know your stats and games without the added tab of google right in your browser window. And every comment said could result in a punch to the face unlike you young whipper snappers hiding behind the keyboard.

*takes a nap*