"Ninja Cinema" feature confirmed for Ninja Gaiden II

Videogaming247 is reporting that Ninja Gaiden II will have a Ninja Cinema feature, that will allow players to take movies of their games and upload them to Xbox Live.

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Z F1GHT3RS3721d ago

i dont if it has been covered. but yer i am looking forward to this.
very much so.

Captain Tuttle3721d ago

Hopefully more games implement this feature.

meepmoopmeep3720d ago

i agree... it's a great feature and i hope more games do this as well.

Glad to be a gamer3720d ago

This is one feature i'll definately be rinsing. this game is to stylish/difficult to not want to replay your moments of glory.

hades073720d ago

Wasn't this feature already confirmed a while back at GDC? Why is videogaming247 just putting this out as news when other sites have talked about this feature for awhile now?

BeaArthur3720d ago

A cool feature but I would only bother looking at it to see funny glitches. I only really use any type of replay feature if something weird happens.

tatotiburon3720d ago

this game rocks, great feature

no_more_heroes3720d ago

Cool. Maybe you could watch how the master ninjas play this game if you want tips, which I surely would need.