Grand Theft Auto V needs to get 3 things right

Grand Theft Auto V looks great but there are a few things Rockstar needs to get right for it to be truly awesome.

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pat_11_51660d ago

GTA sounds awesome but I really feel like they need to make sure the stuff I talk about in this story works for it to be a great game.

FriedGoat1659d ago

What they need to do is make sure it is FUN. 4 suffered because too much realism = no fun. Thats why san andreas is still the king.

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LOGICWINS1659d ago

Crap article with spelling errors that need to be fixed. And what does the quality of the diving in San Andreas have to do with GTAV? San Andreas came out TEN years ago. You think Rockstar hasn't improved the diving system since then?

Why would they include sharks, other marine life, and the ability to loot underwater ship wreckages if you couldn't dive properly?

pat_11_51659d ago

Could you point out the spelling errors so I can fix them?

I don't recall even mentioning anything to do with driving in the article lol.

LOGICWINS1659d ago

If you can't see your own spelling errors, you shouldn't be writing articles.

pat_11_51659d ago

@LOGICWINS Cool story bro? I think you learned a lesson today. Don't point out errors if there really aren't any.

Also, don't make statements about a story before reading it :)

weekev151659d ago

Rockstar always delivers. This game will be epic.

Irishguy951659d ago

Yes they're much better than Naughty Dog.

weekev151659d ago

Not sure about that. Naughty Dog deliver most of the time as well, albeit with a couple of arguably weaker crash games thrown in for good measure. Uncharted games are ridiculously good though. 2 devs that focus on quality over quantity IMHO.

SnotyTheRocket1658d ago

Why are Rockstar better than Naughty Dog?

denawayne1658d ago

Combat needs to be better. I liked GTA IV and Red Dead but the combat, especially the Ai, was weak.