Hilarious GTA IV Video - When Mods Break The Game

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, mods. We all love mods. However, sometimes we have to be really careful while installing them. You see, most of the times there are compatibility issues between some of them, and those issues are what usually break a game. Install more than enough and your game will be lifted to new heights with broken physics, broken visuals, artifacts all over the place and broken collisions. And Machinima has just posted a video, showcasing what GTA IV looks like when there are such issues. Enjoy!"

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Embolado1354d ago

This clip is full of win.

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1nsomniac1354d ago

Possibly the least funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet...

hazelamy1354d ago

you wanna get nuts?
let's get nuts.