Battlefield 4 Will Be Bigger Than CoD: Ghosts

CheatCC says: "Before Battlefield 3 hit shelves in 2011, PC gamers had some pretty major expectations for the game. Call of Duty was obviously at the top of the FPS market, but Electronic Arts planned to topple Activision's flagship, and PC gamers were happy to rally behind the cause. EA's former CEO, John Riccitiello, even needled Activision during a speech at the Ad Age Digital Conference in April of 2011:"

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Neixus2049d ago

EA is going to be like ^($.$)^ when this releases

Flavor2049d ago

MoH warfighter lurches out of the gutter, says hi.

Neixus2049d ago

moh was never developed to be the cod killer :X unlike bf which has slowly catering to cod players

haggishurler2049d ago

MOH was made to cater to cod players, Battlefield was developed primarily as a good game which is slowly bringing them over.

Kingthrash3602049d ago

im a newly turned bf player feels deeper and has way more guns. plus I love to snipe and thats just impossible in excited about it

Garethvk2049d ago

Not if like the last one the PC version is unplayable at launch due to bugs.

Reverent2049d ago

You're not serious are you?

thechosenone2049d ago

It had loads of problems yes but didn't MW2/BlOPS1/MW3/BlOPS2 have their fair share of serious issues/bugs along with the expected poor hit detection/lag problems? BF3 is running pretty smooth these days and unfortunately you can't say the same for any of the COD titles. They're still dealing with those same problems and they always will since they don't offer dedicated servers and they continue to use that outdated engine of theirs.

Garethvk2049d ago

They had bugs but they were at least playable. BF 3 on PC could not even connect and stay in Synch for many during the first week or so it was on the market. To their credit they patched it up, but COD at least for me has been stable enough to play and get online and play with every release. Warfighter also had a similar issue as it could not be played online at launch. Vietnam, Yes it is going back a few had serious bugs at launch.

thechosenone2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

"They had bugs but they were at least playable."

That's completely untrue. BlOPS1 had serious issues with lag in the beginning because of their little social feature and constant updating of user profiles and would even do so while a user was in-game, that it made gameplay totally unplayable and it took them MONTHS to figure out what was causing the problem and in the end it was a PC user that found the culprit and forwarded the info to Treyarch.

Both MW3 and BlOPS2 have this little feature called lag compensation and it's been f***ing gameplay ever since.

Next generation, COD has three new foes to contend with, Killzone, BF4, Destiny and all will feature dedicated servers. I don't see that P2P hosting, lag infested garbage surviving the next-gen wave but for me personally it's already dead because I know I'll never buy another COD game again.

Mini05102049d ago

too bad for you. It was playable for me.

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