Prey 2 officially revealed

Prey 2 has now been officially revealed following yesterday's teaser concept art and initial plot details.

Confirmed for PC and Xbox 360, the sequel shoves you back into the boots of Tommy, the reluctant hero of Prey who saved Earth from alien invasion.

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THWIP3722d ago

To be honest, I really don't understand why some devs bother bringing sequels to a console, that never saw previous entries. Of course, I'm only talking about games that have a story...not something like Ace Combat 6, which was always a PS2 exclusive, but landed on the 360. For instance, Condemned 2 makes absolutely no sense on the PS3. Likewise, games like Prey 2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 & 3...they simply won't make sense on another platform, without the previous game(s) in the library.
Unless a dev intends to throw in the original game for free, I see no logical reason to expect someone to care about a sequel to a game they never played, because they are console-biased...or can only afford one. Aside from being a sloppy port, that was the MAIN reason MGS2 did so poorly on the XBOX...and likely why Kojima decided not to bother with MGS4 on the 360.
In the case of Condemned 2, it actually would've made sense to utilize Blu-Ray, by porting the original, and including it on the disc (would only take up about 5 GB).
Prey was a good game...and a rare FPS, in that it actually attempted a story, even if a tad weird. To continue that story on a platform other than where it originated (PC/360), would be a waste of effort.

Sorry for the long-winded response. :o

The Lazy One3722d ago

Paragraphs are nice.

good points though

Mycococo3722d ago

i agree with you.

more on prey... really good game that was under appreciated due to its goofy story but if you could understand its humor you loved it. and it was a launch title.

but prey has been in the bargain bin for $10 for long enough for more people to have played.

just another reason to have my 360. not to mention all the other sequels that had their START in the next gen(current gen?)

THWIP3722d ago

"...but paragraphs are nice" ???? I have THREE paragraphs...not enough for you? It's not my fault 'indent' doesn't work with this text interface.

HeroOfCows3722d ago

It wasn't a launch title, it came out in 06.

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InMyOpinion3722d ago

The first one got really twisted(and good) towards the end.

PS360WII3722d ago

Excellent. Prey for the 360 was an awesome game that I played a lot of ^^ Can't wait for part 2!

PS360WII3722d ago

Seriously? 3 disagrees for what I said? You guys are weird.

predator3722d ago

im with you here dude, prey was awesome, i hope they sort out the multiplayer as that had loads of potential to be great

PS360WII3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Oh man heck yeah I totally got into the multiplayer in Prey. The only problem was later on it started to get some really bad lagging. Then when the new maps came it was worse yet >< I hope those Spirit Kills make a come back that was always fun to dodge into a corner then come back out as the spirit and Bam arrow to the face ^^

Eclipticus3722d ago

well apparently those who disagreed with you think you can wait.

wallace10003722d ago

I found it was the kind of game i wasn't sure about at first, but once you are out of the bathroom and onto the ship the game play is fantastic. An excellent and twisty story line too.

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xm15e2s3722d ago

I'm almost finished with Prey and I am really surprised that more people don't talk about this game. It is VERY well done and just plain fun to play. The fact that you can pick it up for under $20 makes it even more awesome.

Prey 2 will be a day 1 buy for me.

Mycococo3722d ago

sale this game from $10-20

buy it for 10. its not like the developer gets any of that money.

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