Three Reasons Why We Still Need Nintendo

In an age where online gaming and photo-realistic graphics rule, sometimes it's easy for the classics to be looked over. Most of the legendary series from gaming's past still live on yet tend to play second fiddle to newer titles such as Call of Duty or Bioshock, but is it time Mario and Link hang up their dungarees and tunics or do we still need them to fight the forces of evil on Nintendo systems far into the future?

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chadboban2055d ago

I like variety. That's the main reason I own multiple systems. One just isn't enough for me. Now if you like to stick to one system because it suits your needs as a gamer that's more than fine. But don't be quick to attack others just because they like a system that you don't or aren't very fond of the system that you own. Play what you love and be good to others. We're all gamers here, so why can't we be friends.

LOL_WUT2055d ago

Give me 3 reasons why Nintendo deserve our money this gen? ;)

yugovega2055d ago

why does ps or xbox deserve our money this gen? so we can get cod 33 with shinier golden guns? come on now really? play different. new ways to enjoy games is why they deserve it. whats anything new the other 2 have done? besides make games pretty? motion controls? Nintendo did that, online multiplayer? sega did that. rumble in the controller? Nintendo did that. touch screen\pad? Nintendo did that. what's something new and original either of the other 2 have done.

zerocrossing2055d ago

Quilaty 1st party Nintendo games, innovative hardware and a clear dedication to gaming instead of multimedia entertainment.

There's your 3 ;)

MasterCornholio2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


"what's something new and original either of the other 2 have done."

Im not sure about Microsoft but Sony is known for providing play station gamers new experiences through the creation of new IPs. Which is something that Nintendo doesn´t do. Instead of producing a completely new and innovative Mario game Nintendo releases a launch title Super Mario U which is just like any other side scrolling Mario game something that Nintendo has made a lot of times already. Meanwhile Sony is taking a huge risk in bringing a new IP to the PS4s launch (Knack).

Super Mario U:

Super Mario Land 2:

Super Mario Land:

Super Mario Bros 3:

New Super Mario Brothers:

New Super Mario Brothers 2:



Agreed and the same can be applied to the playstation but not the XBOX.

I really dont like Nintendo franchises (i hate loath Mario and Kirby) which is why i game on a Playstation.

Whymii2055d ago

Troll_wut... Still trolling wii u I see.

2055d ago
jcnba282054d ago

- Best exclusives
- New gameplay experience
- Backwards compatible with Wii games and accessories
- Miiverse Community (like Twitter)
- Innovative hardware
- Play on gamepad while on the toilet or in bed ;)
- Pure gaming machine
- $300 next gen system
- Can perform native 1080p 60fps
- Virtual Console
- Wii U Chat (like Skype)
- Controller options (gamepad, Pro controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk etc.)
- Variety of games not just shooters (Action adventure, platformer, rpg, rts, racing, puzzle, fighter etc.)

That's 13 reasons of the top of my head ;)

deafdani2054d ago

1. Mario
2. Zelda
3. Metroid

That's it for me. The order may vary for each Nintendo fan.

chadboban2054d ago

Well Mr. WUT I can understand why you would ask something like that. I mean it's pretty clear that Nintendo doesn't really do a lot to meet YOUR needs as a gamer and that's more than fine. We're both different and have different tastes and it's obvious that Nintendo can't meet that needs of every single gamer out there, but they and Sony meets mines quite well.

Now as for reasons I think Nintendo deserves MY money (Please keep in mind that I haven't even bought a Wii U as yet):

Publishing Bayonetta 2
The Wonderful 101
Pikmin 3
Wind Waker HD
Monolith's Soft's game:
Retro Studios(they always make good stuff)
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Off TV Play
3D Mario (before you shout rehash the 3D Mario games have always been excellent and packed with variety)
And all the franchises I can't get anywhere else.
And don't even get me started on 3DS (already own one)

Like I've said before, this may not be enough for you to buy Nintendo and that's more than fine, but everything here appeals to me and they are all currently things that I can't get anywhere else. They've given me more than enough reasons. Now I'm just waiting for E3 to see what else they have in store and for some of those games I've listed to come out before I take the leap and buy a Wii U.

Hope this answers your question dude. Nintendo may not be for you but they are for me and I know this gen I'll be enjoying my Wii U/PS4/3DS and Vita along with my PC because that's what suits ME as a gamer. Have a good day man and happy gaming. :)

chadboban2054d ago


It's okay not to like Mario and Kirby, we're all different bro, but why are you comparing all of the 2D Mario games to Knack which looks more like a 3D platformer, a better comparison would've been using the 3D Mario games but since those games are vastly different from one another(with the exception of the Galaxy games)I guess it wouldn't have made your point look as good so I'll just do it myself

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

And now Knack

There isn't a need to cherry pick in order to make your argument look convincing. I get that you don't like Mario but at least try to be fair with your comparisons.

aCasualGamer2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Three reasons i don't give a crap about Nintendo anymore

1. Wii U

2. Loss of third party support, especially when the first party isn't producing great games right now

3. Nintendo fading away in terms of relevance of industry decisions... in other words... they aren't future proof

WiiUsauce2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

you only need one:

Edit: but if you MUST have more:

1. Super Smash Bros. 4
2. Bayonetta 2
3. RETRO Studios' epic game.
4. Mario Galaxy successor (news flash: Mario Galaxy 1 is the highest rated console game of the 7th gen consoles)
5. Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei
6. Pikmin 3
7. indie games
8. Virtual Console games
9. Third party exclusives (every console has 3rd party exclusives, even the Wii had a lot of them. i.e. Conduit, Sonic Colors, Madworld, RedSteel 2, Zak and Wiki, No More Heroes, ect. ect.)
10. Confirmed upcoming brand new first party IP's.
11. It's fucking Nintendo. They're the undisputed greatest gaming company of all time, hate it or love it.

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MEsoJD2055d ago

I think Nintendo still has it's place, but I can do without their hardware. Third party on home consoles would be great.

ps3_pwns2055d ago

a nintnedo system alone is not enough and thats what the nintendo fanboys need to learn. same with pc its not enough alone. no one wants to play those same old crap old half life pc games and counterstrike crap forever.

nintendo doesnt deserve our money this gen for the wii u but they might deserve are money for the 3ds if they release the games we want like animal crossing instead of us waiting like 8 momnths+ after japan has had it forever. this is the thing thats pissing me off about the 3ds right now having to wait even though the games are already out in other places for a long time. with pokemon x/y thy are doing the right thing but they need to do that for every game on th 3ds thats a big name game. how many people of other countries have to wait 8+ months for a cod game to come out in there region when its out in otheres? no one does. step your game up nintendo. pun intended

AKR2054d ago

If only there were more sensible gamers out there than you. It's not a bad thing to like a certain thing, despite the fact that other people hate it. It is bad when you ATTACK someone for liking something you don't.

Bubble Up for You: "Well Said", good sir.

~ "ExtremeAzure"
~ Official Blog:

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ape0072055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

innovation, great list of exclusives, they are the taste of gaming, games like, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, GTA, MGS, uncharted, gears, halo, Resi(sadly mediocre now) are the soul of gaming, without them the gaming landscape seem lifeless

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sitharrefus2055d ago

I give them innovation, they challenge themselves of creating or (reinventing) new ways to play. the wii remote was great for some games such as (metroid prime, no more heroes, skyward sword etc...) the gamepad has potential but i guess we just have to wait and see, they like to innovate and take risks so only time will tell if they went the right way.

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Genuine-User2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

There is only one reason, Nintendo Exclusives.
Currently enjoying Lugi's Mansion Dark Moon and looking forward to Donkey Kong and the new Zelda A Link to the past 2.

And I'm not a kid! Lol

FlyingFoxy2055d ago

What does age matter with gaming?, it doesn't matter if you enjoy it.

A lot of famous people watch cartoons. So i don't understand why some people are ashamed of it.

Genuine-User2055d ago

That's exactly my point. Nintendo exclusives are fun for all, not just kids.

madjedi2054d ago

Thank you for not giving a popular bullshit reason, innovative hardware, touch screens are not new.

If i get a wii u it won't be for off tv play or asymeterical multiplayer.

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