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Submitted by Valay 940d ago | news

First Shadows of the Eternal details, platforms confirmed

A pulled test page on Precursor Games’ website has revealed the first details about Shadows of the Eternal, where it goes by the earlier name Shadows of the Ancients. (PC, Shadow of the Eternals, Wii U)

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ThaBlackBaron  +   940d ago
Oh boy The Drones and Haters aint gone like this LOL
Nitrowolf2  +   940d ago
Why? Wasn't the other one Nintendo Exclusive?
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Dj7FairyTail  +   940d ago
dem ps4 dudes gonna be like i want it
Shok  +   940d ago
Incoming shit storm Baron!! LMAO
drsnoopyseussdog  +   940d ago
P.S. This game and retros future title will make me get a wii u.
Dark11  +   940d ago

it will be release on PC too after all.
BlackWolf  +   940d ago
He's saying that because neither the PS3 and 360 have announced versions, nor the upcoming consoles. As of now, it's just Wii U and PC.
starchild  +   940d ago
So? That still doesn't mean that people who don't own the platforms that it will be released on will get to play it.

It's not like every PS3 comes with a free gaming PC in the box the way some Sony fanboys make it sound like.
StraightPath  +   940d ago
bombshell! to be honest the people on N4G will have no idea what this game is. They do not know it was one the best GameCube exclusives and horror games out there. This kind of calibre exclusive games is what the Wii U needs.
ATi_Elite  +   940d ago
A WiiU and PC Exclusive LOL

Looks like those other consoles DO NOT get everything like they would have you to believe.

I'm sure they will now say "I never wanted to play that game anyway".
Aceman18  +   939d ago
@ baron

i own a PS3 and 360 why would i hate the fact that this is coming to Wii U?

when my friend sent me the email of this yesterday i replied back that i would love for this to be for the Wii U since i loved eternal darkness of the gamecube.

your comment is simply just to insight a flame war for no dam reason.

this announcement only makes me want to buy a Wii U now, but imma still wait for price drop and new Mario 3D game.
Shok  +   940d ago
They probably changed the name so that they could release it on PC, because Nintendo owns the "Eternal Darkness" IP.

This looks really good though, can't wait.
jcnba28  +   940d ago
This is what the Wii U needs and it looks amazing.
SlapHappyJesus  +   940d ago
Good for PC players.
Good for Wii U players.
mydyingparadiselost  +   940d ago
Today is a good day for gaming.
BlackWolf  +   940d ago
Nice looking game. Calling it promising is not giving enough credit. Hope they can reach their goal so we can play this gorgeous game. Also it's nice to see the devs want to support the Wii U.
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Jek_Porkins  +   940d ago
Wow this game looks really good! I think it'll be great when the Wii U gets some games, then the haters will have to come up with something else to hate on, rinse, wash, repeat.

Looks like Nintendo is getting some quality games.
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quantae06  +   940d ago
Beast mode!! I'll definitely buy this game on my Wii U.
KillrateOmega  +   940d ago
Totally gonna watch the inevitable Let's Play of this game on Two Best Friends Play.
skyrimer  +   940d ago
I still can remember those that said that PC gaming was dead lol, now every single game coming out has a PC version, I'm so glad they were wrong
ATi_Elite  +   940d ago
PC Gaming was NEVER dying
PC doesn't waste millions of dollars running commercials 24/7 like consoles do so Consolers are brainwashed into thinking the PC has no games when in fact the PC has more Exclusives than all 3 consoles combined.

Take the top 20 console games that sold well and I bet you 17 of them are on the PC. Uncharted Gears and GT5 would be the only 3 not on the PC.

Not really missing much there besides I prefer Arma 3, DotA2, Hawken, Amnesia, Penumbra, Firefall, Project CARS, Skyrim w/ mods, etc. over those few console exclusives.

Devs are now even going above and beyond to make sure the PC version of multiplats has things in it that PC Gamers enjoy.

SO yeh enjoy your PC along with Customized Gaming experiences, PC Games, and still enjoy the majority of quality Console games.
AsheXII  +   940d ago
If those are the Wii U graphics running on the video, then wow.
r21  +   940d ago
What video? i dont see it in the link.
AsheXII  +   939d ago
I cant post a link here, checkout IGN.
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sypher  +   940d ago
As far as i know Nintendo owns the actual Eternal Darkness IP. So I'm guessing this is only a kickstarter sequel in spirit.
daclynk  +   940d ago
oh shit Haters and Drones attack.3 2 1.
Skate-AK  +   940d ago
I think it will go to all consoles. They have no publisher so no real reason to keep it exclusive. They have to raise the money.
chente0025  +   939d ago
I think it's funny how nintendo haters are quick to post comments when it's a "Doom & Gloom" article but.....why aren't they here now? lol
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Septic  +   939d ago
They probably don't even know what Eternal Darkness was so are confused by the hype surrounding this title. Don't worry, they'll come up with some sort of excuse.
PygmelionHunter  +   939d ago
OH HELL YES! With this and Bethesda's new submission into the horror genre, my horror thirst will finally be quenched!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   939d ago
The industry is Big Enough for more Eternal-HAPPINESS.
I love SK and Nintendo but they have sat on a great IP forever and have done nothing with it.

So, if another game comes along (On WiiU-All Plat. Confirmed) that uses a similar formula- GREAT.

I am not angry at Nintendo and SK for not working the IP. Nintendo now owns Fatal Frame (Monolith Software) and SK always had the goal of dev. "Too Human".
-So I can see why they never got back to it, even though Nintendo just recently renewed the copyrights of the IP.

So, if this game makes it to WiiU- I will buy it. And I hope that it is a smashing success-
Having one more game like Eternal Darkness (Psychological Horror/Thriller) in no way diminishes the value of the IP.

Rayman Legend, Sonic- Does not diminish Mario.
Final Fantasy, Tales of- Does not diminish Xenoblade.
Watch_Dogs won't kill GTA.
2K did not kill EA Sport Titles.

The industry is Big Enough for more (Psychological Horror/Thriller) HAPPINESS.
Realplaya  +   939d ago
Finally if I was Nintendo I would publish it for both the Wii U and PC.
ZeekQuattro  +   939d ago
I hope this works out but they are asking for an awful lot of money. I'd be pleasantly surprised if the game ever comes to fruition. I wish them luck however. Eternal Darkness was a truly amazing game. The game had great gameplay, story & music. Not to mention some great VO work.
DivineAssault  +   939d ago
So they need a kickstarter fund to develop it? Why doesnt nintendo publish the thing & have it as an exclusive?? Lord knows they need more
gaminoz  +   938d ago
They'd get more support if it was on 360 and PS3, simply because there are more of them being used in the marketplace than Wii U

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