Astro Gaming A40 Headsets Now Come in Neon Colors

Can Neon Colors Improve Gaming Performance? ASTRO is Determined to Find Out

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ftwrthtx1819d ago

Love my A40's. The new colors look pretty cool.

TerminalGamer1819d ago

Nice headsets to begin with and these new colors really make them look cooler.

doctorstrange1819d ago

Does it come in Caput Mortuum?

ftwrthtx1819d ago

Alas no, but if you listen to these long enough, with the volume too high, you may end up with caput mortuum.

adorie1819d ago

These headphones sound interesting. I'd like to achieve that as well.

SlapHappyJesus1819d ago

I have a pair of A50's and I would love to have them in that orange.

Tonester9251819d ago

Buy the Sony Pulse Headset. Best headphones all around!

KONAAs1819d ago

pulsle better than turttle but not astros, i would get the a40's but i hate wires, i love my a50s tough, and with sonys headsets if u lose the usb dongle sony dosnt sell replacements, u need a new headset

ftwrthtx1819d ago

The wires are a pain, but the A40's are some awesome head phones.

Kietz1819d ago

heh heh


. . . wooh . . . no.

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