Weekly Famitsu: Persona 4, MGS4

All the info and scans about this week's issue of Famitsu.

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RealityCheck3653d ago

I'm with you, Persona 4! Great news!

On the PS2? Ok, I guess. I'll take it anyway. Hopefully Persona 5 will be on the PS3.

Luca Blight3652d ago

have to give props to Persona 4. I like how they're doing the whole countryside/mystery/murder thing

Homicide3652d ago

Best news I've heard this week. Persona 4 is coming out soon. Also need to pick up Persona 3 FES next month.

Cartesian3D3653d ago

MGS1 on PSN soon :P .. persona4 for PS2 :( .. anyway good news..

ngg123453653d ago

Why do bad games score so high on famitsu?

gunnerforlife3653d ago

u eva played Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? if u havent then u cant say its a bad score, cuz famitsu is one of the rarest magazines to give perfect score to a game or even a good score

RealityCheck3653d ago

I don't know about this specific game but there have been cases in the past where Famitsu gave great scores to just ok games. A little bit like Gamespot, I have a feeling that advertising dollars might weigh in reviews over there.

bakasora3652d ago

The Japanese love that kind of game.
Thats their taste.

destroyah3653d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.