Gaming in Korea part 1: PC Rooms

When people think of South Korea one of the first things to come to mind to westerners are crowded PC rooms filled with people playing Starcraft. But what is interesting after three years of living in the country is it has an entirely different gaming culture than other counties across the globe.

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sherimae24132026d ago

korea = k-pop to me, lol ^_^
anyway cool article, korea is mainly pc gamers eh..
no wonder my bf loves their mmo its full of hot chicks lol
specially that blade and soul and mabinogi heroes ^_^

LoveOfTheGame2025d ago

Off Topic: Why do I feel when you said "my bf" somehow a lot of lonely people on this site got sad lol.

Also the comments below kind of validate that thought.

Ritsujun2026d ago Show
juniorpop2026d ago

I came because of Hyuna's pic

Sketchy_Galore2026d ago

Nice, I didn't even have to be Pervy and ask who she was. Thanks, people. Ah Korean girls, probably the most naturally beautiful on Earth.

ATi_Elite2025d ago

My my my a Whole country dedicated to PC Gaming and not one silly console or consoler in site.

My what a Perfect Place South Korea is.