Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 GOTY Edition Pulled From Amazon

Amazon Canada posted up a listing for the GOTY edition of Black Ops 2 stating the release date of May 21st. It has been pulled and no new announcements have been made by Activision.

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Cam9772052d ago

Oh Amazon, how you love to spoil developers' big surprises.

Yomaster2052d ago

"Call of Duty: Game of the Year Edition" just seems a little...ironic to me. >_<

GraveLord2052d ago

Not at all. It's probably the most qualified for the title. It has the sales, it has the popularity and it has the decent reviews.

Yomaster2051d ago

No offense, but I don't think there has been any CoD title since the original Modern Warfare that has been deserving of a GOTY award. None of them since have won any GOTYs, either.

How does a title that is annually rehashed get a self-proclaimed GOTY release? That's the irony I'm talking about in my post. It's merely a cash grab.

cyberninja2052d ago

Goty? Lmao, more like dlc of the year.

ZoyosJD2052d ago

That implies it was the best DLC of the year.

I believe the phrase you were looking for was "DLC *for* the year".

Nonetheless, obligatory: "Y U be Hatin' BRO?"

MilkMan2052d ago

Did they win anything? I don't recall. I never watch those Vgd's or whatever there called.

mirroredsakura2051d ago

That's Activision, up to its usual noncommittal ways.