Game Revolution: Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Review

Game Revolution writes: "In this episode, you are once again with your old friends (and when I say 'friends', I mean evil alien overlords bent on our race's destruction), Crypto and Pox, who have yet another fiendish plan to rid this planet of its pesky inhabitants. The idea this time is to grind up all the victims of the alien duo into delicious meats and sell them back to the oblivious, sideburn-sporting consumers through their new fast food franchise, Big Willy. Their boyish mascot bears so much resemblance to a certain hamburger-wielding franchise icon that I sincerely hope they have good copyright lawyers on their home planet."

+ Lots of cool weapons
+ Neat effects

- Unfunny dialogue
- Chunky graphics
- Odd controls

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