7 Grand Steps preview: The Bob Dynasty begins | GamerTell

From the article, "It started with one man and his wife. Khet and Selk Bob were humble people, and worked in a field by a river. There were cities at this time, though they were nothing like anything we can imagine now. It was a far simpler time, but eve then, the Bob family had noble ambitions. They wanted to climb high in society, to one day be among the noblest people in the land, perhaps even the world. For now, Khet the neighborly and his wife Selk the maverick set out to improve their family’s station, brewing, irrigating and building in the hopes of finding a better life with 7 Grand Steps.

Before I continue with the noble story of the founding of the Bob family in the Copper Age, allow me to take a moment to explain. 7 Grand Steps is about attempting to build a legacy. The board is a wheel, representing time and tasks. As time passes, people grow nearer to the crocodiles, representing death. The goal of the player is to keep the family alive through many generations, gath...

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