Are First Person Shooters Getting Boring?

Is it time we expected something different from the FPS genre?

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Donnieboi1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Yeah imo. Except for maybe Battlefield. But if BF 4 plays more like a BF 3.5, then forget it.

All i'm even remotely interested in (FPS genre-wise) is Destiny (if it's not just a Halo clone) and MGO 3.

And what the heck ever happened to Rainbow Six's new game? It just dropped off the radar.

-GametimeUK-1846d ago

I disagree. Sure there are too many of them and it's hard to stand out in the crowd, but I still like the look of a fps every single year.

Not every action game, rpg or adventure game is amazing either. I really need to play Bioshock and Far Cry 3, but Dishonoured should do nice for now.

I was excited for R6... What a shame :(

Yomaster1846d ago

DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY play both Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

If there are any two single-player shooters that are worth your time right now, those are it!

-GametimeUK-1846d ago

I'm a big Bioshock 1 fan. Money is tight so I'm waiting for a price drop and I would rather buy Ni No Kuni because it will keep its price longer than Bioshock. Far Cry can be purchased at a good price now, though.

I will definitely play them!

iGAM3R-VIII1846d ago

I agree with you. tbh in my opnion, I am bored of the COD and BF types of shooters, and I think I will give Killzone and Bioshock and Far Cry a try though, they seem like a good type of FPS

GuyThatPlaysGames1846d ago

I'd have to disagree with Donnieboi. I love getting my hands on a new FPS every year, no matter if it's a rehash or just improvement of an older model. It's still refreshing to play something newer.

Highlife1846d ago

Yes and no. I think I am just bored of this gen. I think a new console will freshen things up.

Donnieboi1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Not if the games don't improve. If they stay the same, what good is better graphics? I wan't fresh idea's for my games. Maybe I just ask for too much.

3-4-51846d ago

Been playing planetside 2, it's a nice change from the usual FPS games. Somewhat similar but enough different.

ATi_Elite1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

YES they are! The consoles are saturated with boring Generic corridor and or linear FPS.

I still play FPS on my PC but the majority of them are Open World FPS/RPG or FPS/RTS hybrids thus adding a lot of thinking, exploration, and tactics to the game play versus the mindless and repetitive nature of generic FPS.

I have to say Bioshock Infinite was a Great FPS but then again the series started out as a PC game anyway getting it's roots from many of the Devs who made System Shock 2 and Tribes:Vengeance so the quality was already there.

Arma 3
Planetside 2
Natural Selection 2
Nuclear Dawn
Red Orchestra 2

are a few of the FPS I play but many of them are FPS/RTS or FPS/RPG games in huge open worlds with NO linear or Corridor gameplay.

LordSane1845d ago

"Nuclear Dawn"

RTS+FPS Love this game! Too bad it's one of a kind, correct me if not.

Lisica1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )


BF4 is the same old story.

Mr Tretton1845d ago

Some are stagnating, but some are getting better too.

It's the linear, scripted, arcadey shooter that has had it's time.

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ShugaCane1846d ago

"I loved the first Modern Warfare, and the sequels have both been technically brilliant as well"

Wait.. What ?!

jgarriock1846d ago

You can't argue that they don't play well from a mechanical perspective. I just found it was boring because they were very similar to the previous games.

sherimae24131846d ago

well to me... if you played shooters after shooters for weeks or even months, sure you will get bored, same goes for other genres....
thats why i played games with lots of variety and different genres

platforming heaven with sackboy this week and serious rpg with persona 4 the golden next week, or some fighting games like doa5 plus or wipeout for a quick burst ^_^

ApolloTheBoss1846d ago

Agreed, same with me. Off topic Persona 4 Golden is by far the best game I ever played. EVER. And while I usually sell or delete my games once I'm done with them, this one, this one I'm keeping forever.

Morpheuzpr1846d ago

Agree, I personally have been playing a lot of indies lately, and having a blast.

NukaCola1846d ago

Military FPSs ar3 getting stale but there is a ton of potential with first person titles like portal, bioshock, slenderman, and unfinished swan.

ApolloTheBoss1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I wouldn't say boring, just very exhausting. I am so tired of the typical military shooter plaguing the industry. It's done nothing but hold it back. Now, if publishers start allowing innovation and creativity in shooters, like the first Borderlands and Portal when they came out, then I will start restoring my faith in FPS's, but I won't get my hopes up.

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