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Are First Person Shooters Getting Boring?

Is it time we expected something different from the FPS genre? (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, PC, PS2, PS3, TimeSplitters, Xbox 360)

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Donnieboi  +   692d ago
Yeah imo. Except for maybe Battlefield. But if BF 4 plays more like a BF 3.5, then forget it.

All i'm even remotely interested in (FPS genre-wise) is Destiny (if it's not just a Halo clone) and MGO 3.

And what the heck ever happened to Rainbow Six's new game? It just dropped off the radar.
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-GametimeUK-  +   692d ago
I disagree. Sure there are too many of them and it's hard to stand out in the crowd, but I still like the look of a fps every single year.

Not every action game, rpg or adventure game is amazing either. I really need to play Bioshock and Far Cry 3, but Dishonoured should do nice for now.

I was excited for R6... What a shame :(
Yomaster  +   692d ago
DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY play both Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

If there are any two single-player shooters that are worth your time right now, those are it!
-GametimeUK-  +   692d ago
I'm a big Bioshock 1 fan. Money is tight so I'm waiting for a price drop and I would rather buy Ni No Kuni because it will keep its price longer than Bioshock. Far Cry can be purchased at a good price now, though.

I will definitely play them!
iGAM3R-VIII  +   692d ago
I agree with you. tbh in my opnion, I am bored of the COD and BF types of shooters, and I think I will give Killzone and Bioshock and Far Cry a try though, they seem like a good type of FPS
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   692d ago
I'd have to disagree with Donnieboi. I love getting my hands on a new FPS every year, no matter if it's a rehash or just improvement of an older model. It's still refreshing to play something newer.
Highlife  +   692d ago
Yes and no. I think I am just bored of this gen. I think a new console will freshen things up.
Donnieboi  +   692d ago
Not if the games don't improve. If they stay the same, what good is better graphics? I wan't fresh idea's for my games. Maybe I just ask for too much.
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3-4-5  +   692d ago
Been playing planetside 2, it's a nice change from the usual FPS games. Somewhat similar but enough different.
ATi_Elite  +   692d ago
Are First Person Shooters Getting Boring?
YES they are! The consoles are saturated with boring Generic corridor and or linear FPS.

I still play FPS on my PC but the majority of them are Open World FPS/RPG or FPS/RTS hybrids thus adding a lot of thinking, exploration, and tactics to the game play versus the mindless and repetitive nature of generic FPS.

I have to say Bioshock Infinite was a Great FPS but then again the series started out as a PC game anyway getting it's roots from many of the Devs who made System Shock 2 and Tribes:Vengeance so the quality was already there.

Arma 3
Planetside 2
Natural Selection 2
Nuclear Dawn
Red Orchestra 2

are a few of the FPS I play but many of them are FPS/RTS or FPS/RPG games in huge open worlds with NO linear or Corridor gameplay.
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LordSane  +   691d ago
"Nuclear Dawn"

RTS+FPS Love this game! Too bad it's one of a kind, correct me if not.
Lisica  +   692d ago

BF4 is the same old story.
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Mr Tretton  +   691d ago
Some are stagnating, but some are getting better too.

It's the linear, scripted, arcadey shooter that has had it's time.
ShugaCane  +   692d ago
"I loved the first Modern Warfare, and the sequels have both been technically brilliant as well"

Wait.. What ?!
jgarriock  +   692d ago
You can't argue that they don't play well from a mechanical perspective. I just found it was boring because they were very similar to the previous games.
sherimae2413  +   692d ago
well to me... if you played shooters after shooters for weeks or even months, sure you will get bored, same goes for other genres....
thats why i played games with lots of variety and different genres

platforming heaven with sackboy this week and serious rpg with persona 4 the golden next week, or some fighting games like doa5 plus or wipeout for a quick burst ^_^
ApolloTheBoss  +   692d ago
Agreed, same with me. Off topic Persona 4 Golden is by far the best game I ever played. EVER. And while I usually sell or delete my games once I'm done with them, this one, this one I'm keeping forever.
Morpheuzpr  +   692d ago
Agree, I personally have been playing a lot of indies lately, and having a blast.
NukaCola  +   692d ago
Military FPSs ar3 getting stale but there is a ton of potential with first person titles like portal, bioshock, slenderman, and unfinished swan.
ApolloTheBoss  +   692d ago
I wouldn't say boring, just very exhausting. I am so tired of the typical military shooter plaguing the industry. It's done nothing but hold it back. Now, if publishers start allowing innovation and creativity in shooters, like the first Borderlands and Portal when they came out, then I will start restoring my faith in FPS's, but I won't get my hopes up.
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jay2  +   692d ago
Yes, but the sheep buy the likes of COD so they won;t go anywhere.
Soldierone  +   692d ago
I don't think the genre entirely is getting boring, just the stories being told. I mean look at the FPS releases..... military this, military that, and it normally comes down to similar storylines. Either we get invaded, or someone wants to rule the world etc... then you lose a soldier and have to go get him. Follow it up with Hollywood scenerios and bam you have 9 out of 10 FPS titles.

I mean they could be more creative. Spec Ops didn't veer too far off, but still made it interesting. MGS while not a shooter took the "modern day" and put a massive spin on it with a deep story. Portal took guns and made them have "perks" to it. etc.... We don't need standard military stories all the time....
Jek_Porkins  +   692d ago
I think it depends on what you like, I am bored of the generic first person shooters on the market, the ones that are like the band Dream Theater, technically proficient, but lack soul.
colonel179  +   692d ago
I don't know if boring, but definitely tiring. The totally over saturated the market with them this generation. They need to make other genres.
Grimhammer00  +   692d ago
I think that the fps genre is fine....it just needs better elevated story's. I'm rdy for a new epic story that is gripping and makes me care.

I still think that a new mirrors edge with tweaks seen over the last few years could be that game.
Some exploration without open spaces just do you can throw in tanks and jeeps would help the genre.

Ever notice that bf3 or any fps of recent memory has environments that are servicing but not full of lore and wonder. Take the detail of shadow of the colossus (for its day it spaces are full of wonder without force feeding you) and marry it with fps quality if halo.

Should clarify that I want open spaces. But with the detail of a linear game. But the real issue is story. Make me care. Military fps are getting stale.

Here's a few examples that I'd like to see devs explore in a fps -

-extreme revenge story with female lead. Think kratos but with cunning and guile. And make you come to hate the protagonist and then redeem her in a massive story arc no one sees coming.
-what if an alien landed on earth...And needs to survive in today's society for say several years before pick up. Obviously the alien must be important. But not a military soldier. Say a linguist? Stealth and subterfuge. And makes us see how ugly humanity is and when the aliens come they will want to destroy us from you the players gathered intel. In a twist.....let them! Make the sequel about the only human child turn adult that tried to help the alien (you) from the previous game the new hero. And make him make the hard choices that he knows is wrong - but must be done to save humanity. Submit as salves. Only in the third game do you have both the alien & human team up and figure out a joined alliegiance....but make it a tear jerker.

I'm nutz sorry.
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StraightedgeSES  +   692d ago
I would say military shooters are getting boring.
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tronjohn  +   692d ago
DAYZ - full stop
MilkMan  +   692d ago
(snikers) I love these kinds of articles. They make my day. Heres hoping the next-gen is not a wonderland of shooter-fest happy cults. Salud!
MuhammadJA  +   692d ago
Yes, the military ones are. CoD, BF and MoH. Sadly, they are the ones selling a lot while the fun and creative ones are left in the dust. People have no taste.
avengers1978  +   692d ago
Totally depends on the game itself not the genre... I play a good mix of games, but fps are probably what I do most online.
A good game is a good game don't just wash over something because of the genre.
djthechamp24  +   692d ago
When i play First Person Shooters, the only difference i see is the graphics
CEOSteveBallmer  +   692d ago
Like someone said, not boring but "Tiring". It shows that developers no longer have passion to create something new and innovative that they are playing "safe" because they know FPS is one of the Top selling GENRE of any videogame. Making money is all that matters to them
Dragonshardz  +   692d ago
Military shooters? Hell yes. The genre is as bland as ever. The rest of the FPS genre, no. We have Bioshock: Infinite in 2013. I am satisfied knowing there always will be another studio that won't be afraid to push the limits...
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   692d ago
theyve been getting boring fir years,theres only so much you can do with a limited fps,only once in a while do we get something along the lines of a far cry or bioshock that actually feels different.
Trago1337  +   692d ago
There hasn't been a shooter that plays around with gameplay mechanics, the only one that comes close to mind recently is Bioshock Infinite, and even then, the story was that game's biggest strength.

The biggest problem is that NO ONE is willing to take risks, Battlefield 4 looks BORING as hell, they really seem to be banking on the graphics, but After this game, and especially after Crysis 3, how else do you expect to wow us?

It's time for a new Genre of video games to be the dominant one, because I'm not impressed with this year's offerings.
coolbeans  +   690d ago
I'd contend the Metro series shows a team willing to take risks.
dynamite_twins  +   692d ago
Roper316  +   692d ago
I personally have found military shooters to be generic and boring for years now, while shooters like Bioshock & The Darkness are some of my favorite games this gen.

So I can't really classify the entire genre as boring but I would definitely classify your cookie cutter military FPS as very boring.

I also really like & enjoy FPS/RPG games like the Fallout series & Deus Ex.
TuxedoMoon  +   692d ago
It's not the view point that makes the game boring, it's the story or setting.I got bored and tired of always seeing modern military or zombie games (especially zombie games). First person or not, the gameplay and setting is what makes me bored of a game. After playing a slew of zombie games, the last major zombie game I played through was probably Dead island. I found that game ridiculously boring, stupid, and tedious (soloed the game). Left4dead, Dead rising, Zombi-u, and zombie mode in almost every game made me...dislike zombies. It just seemed like it was always the same story (Survive the zombie apocalypse). It was worse when all the zombies were just....your typical zombie. Dead Space isn't annoying to me because those "zombies" are weird monsters. Same goes for the upcoming The Last of Us. They added more than just your typical zombies and added more CREATIVITY to their plot.
venom06  +   692d ago
i love all these stupid fools crying about Battlefield, when it run circles around anything CoD has done since BC2.. and then to fool these nerds with some marketing fluff talk, then have you thinking this "Ghosts" is not a modern shooter because its "set in the future, but use modern weapons".. thats just a clever way to make ANOTHER modern shooter.. change the name (make nerds think its something different) and wait on IGN to hype the hell of out and get over on sheeple for one more year..
goldwyncq  +   692d ago
We need more FPS games, just without the shooter part.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   692d ago
FPS games like portal, HL and mirror's edge are welcome,
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ZILLA  +   692d ago
but not BATTLEFIELD,Still best FPS franchise EVER!but if more become fun instead of real it could get better.like FARCRY3 Blood Dragon is super fun but i found the most fun game EVER in 3rd person...UNCHARTED 3 online!this game is siiiiiick.tje PLUNDER mode i havent stopped playin in months.UC3...F T W
Saryk  +   692d ago
Twitch shooters yes, but I would like a good story like Bioshock Inf. There are other things to do that just KILLLLLLL!
KillrateOmega  +   692d ago
The Way I See It...
It's not so much the genre itself that is getting boring, but some of the individual games and series themselves.
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Coach_McGuirk  +   692d ago
definitely bored with singleplayer FPS games right now. Never the mutliplayer, though.
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