Practise and mastery in gaming Part 1: A personal experiment

MWEB Gamezone writer Zubayr Bhyat discusses how mindful practice in gaming can actually change the brain.

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HanCilliers2049d ago

GRID and TF2, both those games had me spending hours to master it, great read

WelshPixie2049d ago

Good read. Project Cars for me, hours and hours going around a GoKart track :D

plut0nash2049d ago

The harder games always proved to be more interesting to learn and develop into. I was talking to a contact of mine who was an ex-pro gamer and one of the most interesting things he told me was that 6-8 hours of play were required pre-competition. Staggering to say the least.

fracturedrich2049d ago

All the forza series have had me putting in stupid hours just to shave one tenth of a lap time.Forza 4 was the one hours to beat friends ghosts,.

plut0nash2046d ago

for sure. I it still drives me mad to get the extra 100th of a second off. Does GT5 have similar features though?