TXB: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Via TXB: "The colorful series known as Rainbow Six has come a long way since its fifty-cal-dominating, low-def multiplayer days, with the apparent apogee arriving two years ago (already?) in the form of Montreal's ode to Sin City. Vegas was an instant hit both offline and online, but the Nevada-friendly FPS natives are ready for the next chapter in Rainbow Team's saga. More importantly, hardcore console FPS'ers are curious if Rainbow Six Vegas 2 can keep Infinity Ward's slick Call of Duty 4 from ruling the roost for another year. The wait is over, as Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will already have populated store shelves by the time you read this."

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Caliber3744d ago

I had so much fun with R6:V online and was really looking forward to this game. But unfortunately, they haven't added enough new content to justify a purchase for me, especially with so many promising games coming this year..

Seems like they just added a few new maps and tweaked the online a little bit. I can't believe there's no 4 player co-op, this game would be so perfect for it.

Guwapo773744d ago

Yet another good score for the home team!

Just waiting on IGN's review.

tony3744d ago

black arrow and raven shield. those were the days...

BigKev453744d ago

I'll pass more of the same ol' same ol'.

bloop3744d ago

I actually passed on the first R6 Vegas. Would you guys recommend getting this, seen as though I didn't get the first??

TheExecutive3744d ago

rent it for the SP, the MP is just blah.

OOG FunK3744d ago

id say try it out and dont pay attention to the comments above because it was known for its multiplayer but it is a required taste....but more competitive then the run and gun multiplayer games that are bunny hoping around right now....

if you havnt played it you should deff give it a try tho

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