High-Resolution Screens of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Released

GR said, "These images were just released by Square, and seem to display some of the in-game lighting featured in A Realm Reborn. Beautiful, mellow hues can be made out in the sky as the on-screen character travels from place to place, and what seems to be a momentous lighthouse can also be picked out in the distance."

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2022d ago
Tatsuya 2022d ago

is this going to be like your typical kind of MMO where you have to collect this number of herbs or feathers from dead animals? coz that seriously sucks

Skate-AK2022d ago

Very far from it. You should look into it. There is a new beta phase coming soon if you have a computer that can run it.

FRAKISTAN2022d ago

are the screens from PS3?

FamilyGuy2022d ago

lol, like they'd do that.

TheHardware2022d ago

i'll win the lotto before this game is released....

Capt-FuzzyPants2021d ago

They said Summer is the release window.