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Ubisoft claims it has “proven” the Assassin’s Creed franchise is relevant

Ubisoft claims it has “proven” the Assassin’s Creed franchise is relevant, claims “it has a long way to go” (PC, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MariaHelFutura  +   539d ago
I think you've proven you're willing to milk this cow dry.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   538d ago
*milk this cow until it starts making powder, then dry, then after years and years, it disintegrates and then it is gone forever.

Anyway lol, I agree with you 100%
MaxXAttaxX  +   537d ago
You know. Assassin's Creed games usually SOUND cool. But they end up the same.
They change up the theme (this time pirates) but that's just a skin for what will ultimately be another AC game.
Kills have become more scripted. I like being stealthy in my own way.
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A2X_  +   538d ago
At least they've brought something new with AC3 (new engine, setting, characters etc.) if they can keep the series fresh with every new game I don't see the problem, unless they run out of ideas.

But I can agree that they were pretty much milking the franchise with Brotherhood and Revelations.
MikeMyers  +   538d ago
I'd rather see a 2 year cycle so that the ip doesn't lose it's value. When you start having an annual cycle you get desensitized to the excitement for a new game.
OpieWinston  +   537d ago
They've been working on it for 3 years..........

Ubisoft has a lot of employees all working on different projects.
MikeMyers  +   537d ago
Ok, thanks
TopDudeMan  +   538d ago
And in one fell swoop, made it irrelevant.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   538d ago
Only on n4g were delusion runs rampant.
TopDudeMan  +   537d ago
That might have been a credible statement to someone who never played AC:revelations and AC:3, but as someone who played through both of those games, they really need to take a break from assassins creed.
starchild  +   538d ago
I would agree with you if the games were suffering, but I feel that each game in the series has improved on the previous game and the overall quality of the experience is among the best in gaming in my opinion.

Assassin's Creed 3 in particular was a dramatic improvement over the previous games and I enjoyed the hell out of it. So yeah I am excited for Assassin's Creed 4. Millions of gamers seem to agree with me. Whiny little fanboys like you are thankfully in the extreme minority.
Lone_Man  +   539d ago
i never finished any assassin creed game after the first one...its a draaag
ZodTheRipper  +   539d ago
The second one was much better than the first.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   539d ago
Yeah but it all goes back down after that brotherhood was the same,revelations was a step back and 3 was boring,and 4 doesnt excite me or a lot of people already.
JBallerX  +   538d ago
The Ezio trilogy was the highlight of this franchise imo. I thought 3 was such a letdown, and it is making me not want to touch 4.
Reverent  +   538d ago
Ezio is the reason the franchise became so stale. I was thanking God when they originally announced that AC3 would finally bring in a damn new character finally.
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   539d ago
Yeah but at the same time you a-holes purpose made other franchises irrelevant by not even trying to make a decent game in certain franchises that actually need sequels,screw ubisoft.
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phantomexe  +   539d ago
heck yes you did ubisoft.... If it has AC on it i'll buy it. I'm hoping the vita sees another game. Uncharted and Assassin Creed are my top two franchises this gen. I don't want them to stop making ether one and i want an AC game ever year. The story is to big for one game ever 2 or 3 years. If you don't like them don't buy them. It's really that simple for a gamer. Crying about them milking it isn't going make them stop. Just don't buy it!
Chapter11  +   538d ago
This is the kind of mindless consumerism that's ruining the industry
phantomexe  +   538d ago
I play what i want when i want i don't let n4g decide my opinions on games. You don't like AC games don't buy them it's that simple. I enjoy the story and gameplay. I even enjoy the books. It's people like you chapter11 thats ruining the gameing industry. For some reason you can't play and buy what you want and just be content. Theres lots games out there so it's not like AC is all you have. Amazing how mindless that is or maybe it's just that simple.
Salooh  +   538d ago
This is really the last chance for them since they are going for next generation. But if they don't do something different with that gameplay then Black flag will be my last AC game. I platinum all AC games so you can say i'm a fan but that's not an excuse to support lazy developers that only care about money without providing something that worth that success.
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P_Bomb  +   538d ago
I've bought every AC game every year, even Bloodlines, so with AC4 officially being a prequel to AC3, I'm officially bowing out. I need a break.
anticlimax  +   538d ago
Say what you will about the AC series or Ubisoft. The series is relevant. Even this article is a testiment to that.
DragonKnight  +   538d ago
If you keep changing the Assassin's Creed series to de-emphasize stealth and parkour and emphasize action and guns, you'll move it to a generic action game and destroy its relevance.
Typical-Guy  +   538d ago
Relevant! Pfft, not to me. I've lost interest after AC2, it was the best AC game. The rest is just milking and milking and milking and milking.....
Biohazard8860  +   538d ago
AC series is here to stay so if you haters don't like them don't buy the games. If it makes money there will be more it's a business if something makes money and sells there will be more so Deal with it#.
dboyc310  +   538d ago
AusRogo  +   538d ago
All I want is another on Vita. . Liberation was awesome but there is room for improvement :)
PooEgg  +   538d ago
If you have to prove it you are doing something wrong. The games should speak for themselves.
N8  +   538d ago
I keep tricking myself into thinking I'm gonna like the next AC I buy it a return it every time.
Heisenburger  +   538d ago
Pirates are so hot right now. They are striking while the iron is hot.

Maybe in a few games they'll jump to vampires. Then, if they REALLY want to stay ahead of the curve, they'll introduce zombies.


Though I *want to at least see some gameplay before I write off 4. I don't see me getting it though. We shall see.
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Braid  +   538d ago
I agree that it has a long way to go in terms of the "historical" storyline, I mean the possibilities are endless and as long as the gameplay is solid, and the game is supported by great characters like Haytam, I'll be getting the new games.

But as an AC fan, while I enjoy the historical parts immensely, even I have to admit that the modern-time storyline is going from direct hit to straight s#hit with each installment to the series. The first game was like an introduction to what's to come and laid the foundations perfectly, second game showed us how the background story is so deep and even beyond the historical characters themselves, tracing back to the times we haven't even guessed, Brotherhood is the game where the modern-day section shines with great gameplay and solid story-telling... And that's the point it started to go downhill for the modern day sections. Revelations, great historical parts, the sh#ttiest modern day sections with no important clue as to what's going on or what will happen next. AC III, again, impressive historical story with boring, uninteresting and unimaginative modern-day sections which doesn't even conclude itself and creates more questions than answers.

Ubisoft, you're one of my favorite developers this generation, and I absolutely love your franchise. Hell, I even got myself a Vita just to play Liberation. But man do you need to get your s#hit together! Work on the modern day sections, throw us some bones so that we can form theories and talk about it, and give up the cliffhangers as it's getting annoying and making us feel like you're not pushing the modern day story forward intentionally and telling it as slow as a thousand-year-old turtle so that you can keep cashing on our curiosity with new installments. If modern-day story goes nowhere in AC4 and hangs in the air as it did in the last two or three games, I will lose my interest on the main storyline as I'll be thinking that you're either making it up as you go or you don't really know how to tie the story up anymore.

Well, guess we'll see about that.
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