E3, PlayStation Home Launch Coincide?

PS3 Extreme writes: "You know, sometimes the biggest tips can come from the most unlikely places.

As you all know, PlayStation Home still doesn't have an official launch date, even though there has been plenty of speculation over the past few months. Sony has stayed silent on the issue, so just about everything you hear is rumor and gossip. There is the possibility that Home could be involved in the upcoming "huge announcement" at E3, but again, we're only guessing. We've contacted Sony several times about their promising online service, but we have always received the standard "no comment" response. However, they may have just let something slip- according to MaxConsole, several Spanish gaming sites have found an Excel file that shows SCEE's release schedule for the year. This document shows that PlayStation Home is slated for a July 2008 release."

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feejo3747d ago

They would probably have a date to it but not a release the same day. That industry it is to make people desire the product not to have it. Anyway Home is free so we still can wait a little, it is just be a better experience.

Bathyj3747d ago

Release at E3, steal the show. Watch the E3 show floor on the Big screen TV in Home.

SOunds like a great idea, that would give Sony enough momentum to win the 2nd half of the year, as if they weren't going to already.

TheHater3747d ago

wouldn't it be cool, if Sony did their E3 press conference in HOME? Like have a virtual lobby for each game they was going to have a press conference on.
For example, a God of War 3 press conference in Kratos palace. Or a Resistance 2 Conference on one of the aftermath of a big battle.
I think that would be cool.

masterg3747d ago

That is a great idea you have there.
I for one would love to see that.


VaeVictus3747d ago

on the release of HOME. We should simply ignore it until they actually release it. I'm tired of discussing the possibility of it coming out with every little gaming conference or show that comes our way. Will we be talking about the possibility of HOME @ next year's GDC? With the way things have been going, it looks like a good possibility.

meepmoopmeep3747d ago

i hope Home isn't the HUGE announcement. i want something fresh and new that will knock the wind out of us. Home is great and all but nothing new. Please be a Team ICO game including trailer... PLEASE!!!

VaeVictus3747d ago

as I've yet to see anything but pictures, video and speculation. Haze and Home the new vaporware.

We'll probably get another lame Jack Tretton/Kaz Hirai HOME demo where they discuss how cool it is and that we'll "soon" be seeing it available. The same will happen in 09, 2010 and that maybe it will be available for the PS4 @ launch in 2011.

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The story is too old to be commented.