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Submitted by lowlight 942d ago | article

Is Playstation Plus Worth It? These Are The Games You'd Have for $50 if You'd Subscribed Last Year

If you were wondering if it was worth paying $50 for a year of Playstation Plus service, you might want to check out this list. These are all the games you'd have full access to if you had been a member for the last year, in addition to the other perks you get with the program. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment America)

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yesmynameissumo  +   942d ago | Well said
I have 65 games I got from PS+. Can't recommend the service enough.
ZodTheRipper  +   942d ago
My 320GB PS3 is stuffed with games ...every month it's the same tough decision which games to remove just to download new ones :'(
First world problems :D
yesmynameissumo  +   942d ago
Haha! Indeed. I went ahead and upgraded my PS3 to a TB drive. Have 400GB left.
Skips  +   942d ago | Well said
Agreed. "First world problems" indeed...

And LMFAO! They give subscribers MUCH more than just games. XD

The 50+ games are literally just extras on top of what I ALREADY get!

Cloud saving, automatic updating, 1 hour full game trials, early beta's, discounted DLC etc.

PS+ is the best service on consoles.
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abzdine  +   942d ago
there are people who pay 50$ to get 65 games and others who pay the same just to have the right to play online the game they bought at retail 60$.
guitarded77  +   941d ago
I went from 80gb to 320gb to 750gb... Now I'm at 1tb. I have 200gb of free space. I'm ready for PS4 now. Better get a 2tb drive :D

All the games on the list are worth playing. Except Chronovolt... that game sucks ass. I love PS+... been a subscriber since day 1. It's worth every penny.
Ritsujun  +   941d ago
Too many FREE games, too little time to play 'em all.

PS+ subscription:
For only USD 49.99 a year,
you get 65+ PS3/PSVITA/PSN games for FREE every single year at NO extra cost.
I haven't even mentioned other PS+ features.
STREET x KING  +   941d ago
Why not just get gamefly?!
yesmynameissumo  +   941d ago
GameFly is an expensive, slow, rip off of a service.
thechosenone  +   942d ago
Oh it's most definitely worth it.

"The following are the complementary games given out on North American PlayStation Plus from June 2012 - May 2013. This marks one year of the "Instant Game Collection" brand of the service."
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IAmLee  +   942d ago
It's a better than paying just 40 quid to play online..
Jazz4108  +   941d ago
The xbox service offers a heck of alot more then just online. Whether its worth it is questionable now but who am I to say what to spend your hard earned cash on.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   941d ago
of course you cant recommend it enough your a sony fan, look at your picture with kaz in it photoshopped of valves game durr, this whole site is sony legion, of course they are going to recommend psn even if its not worth it, xbox live is million of light years ahead, but this site will never agree, cause their allegiance is with a japanese company instead of a usa one
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MYSTERIO360  +   941d ago
I think the real question is would you rather spend $50 a year to get access to free apps with XBL or on full retail games with PS+. Personally id prefer the latter.
Philoctetes  +   941d ago
The thing I like most about Plus is that it prompts me to play stuff that I never got around to or that was never on my radar screen. For example, I never would have played Spec Ops had it not been for Plus, but that ended up being a pretty awesome game. Bioshock 2 and Darksiders aren't in the same league, but they were both good games that I also wouldn't have played if I wasn't a Plus subscriber.

And then of course there are the games on my to-do list that I end up getting for free when they show up in the IGC. I was definitely going to play infamous 2 and Sleeping Dogs at some point during the summer lull. Plus just about pays for itself when these titles like that pop up.
sherimae2413  +   942d ago
of all those free games and discounts, who wouldnt say it isnt worth it...
besides i will subscribe to ps plus this month! all i need is 2x 16gb memory cards for my vita ^_^
MariaHelFutura   942d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
UnHoly_One  +   942d ago
I'll be the one to say it. I would be the person to say it isn't worth it. (TO ME)

I suscribed a couple of months ago because Everyone has been raving about it for so long, and I quickly found out that there is a ton of free stuff, but absolutely NOTHING that interests me because I already own all the games I want.

I'm a new game buyer. Every game on PS+ that I have the least bit of interest in I have owned since launch day.

So for someone like me, the service holds absolutely no value. I realize that I am in the extreme minority, but I also realize I'm not going to change. I'm not going to hold off on buying a game I really want so that I can hopefully get it free a year or so later.

Just my opinion, don't flame me too hard.

I realize the service is a great deal to most people, for me, it's just 50 bucks down the drain.
sherimae2413  +   942d ago
well i understand... ^_^
besides why would you wait for a new game that recently released for about a year or two just to be free on ps plus, unless you are that cheap, right

besides i think the deal with ps plus is to the gamers or subscribers who still havent played those free games, that will be a good deal to anyone who even owned those games by any chance

i can see that you are the type of gamer who buys the games that you want upon release ^_^
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despair  +   942d ago
But it can have some use to you, recent months have seen newly released games free(psn ones anyways) and day 1 discounts that do add up for new game buyers. But I get how it might not be suitable for you on the free games aspect.
aquamala  +   942d ago
it has more value for those that only play games on PS3/Vita. for someone like me, games like Sleeping Dogs, Spec Ops, Bioshock 2, I would rather play on PC.
GribbleGrunger  +   942d ago
I just think it's a case of you being extremely unlucky that every game on PS+ is either a game you already own or a game you rejected long before.
UnHoly_One  +   942d ago
Well it's not that "unlucky", really. I just buy LOTS of games. lol
ZoyosJD  +   942d ago
1. buy any game you want
2. get PS+
3. sell old disk game that come up on PS+
4. ????
5. Profit!
HiddenMission  +   942d ago
I see what your saying but I would like to let you know that there have been several cases where I have bought a game new day one only to have it be free on PS+ the following month. Now of course this is not every title but it does show that you don't have to wait a year or two for new titles.

Keep in mind PS+ is still really new and has come a long way since it came out. Now you can see what will be free the next month so in some cases waiting a month can save you money.

Just something to think about.
FunAndGun  +   941d ago
You are only a trophy level 10 with less then 30 games in your list...I wouldn't call that buying "LOTS of games". Unless of course you don't play them.

It just doesn't seem like you give smaller games any playtime or attention as you only have like 5 PSN games on your list, the rest are disc based.

What games did you even play from Plus when you had your subscription?
Kiddcarter  +   941d ago
Im not calling you a troll, but i checked your game played list on Psn profiles, and you have only played two of the games that Ps+ offers (inFamous2 and demon souls). Now maybe you played most the games on another system or something, and if so you should state that because as is now it looks like your just trolling the post.
EVILDEAD360  +   941d ago
@ Unholy one

I agree with you 100%. I was just mentioning this in another article.

PSN+ is an outstanding deal, but it's not worth it if you own a majority of the good games.

I own 17 of the those games on this list alone and the 3 others I'd actually may eventually play aren't worth the money for me.

But, I'm unique I buy a majority of my multi-plats on the 360 (for achievements) and buy the big exclusives and PSN games for my PS3.

I like to buy games new myself. But there's nothing wrong with a backlog and PS Plus definitely is a good way to gain a backlog if that's your thing.

I just like owning games. But, PS Plus is an outstanding deal nonetheless.

Soldierone  +   941d ago
I just spent money on a new memory card and I can't buy games now. It's filled with games I bought, plus 2 free ones from PS Plus.

It sucks though, it holds me back. I'm afraid to even buy retail games because I don't want to delete the other ones yet.... and then I can't put music or movies on it either until I buy another card....
kayoss  +   941d ago
Dont say "free" when you are referring to PSN+ games that are offer through the subscription. If an Xbox Fan sees it, they will point out that if you pay $50 then the game is not free.
I like to use the words "really really Heavy discounted" games are offer when you subscribed to PSN+. I also often use the phrase, "65 games come with the subscription" to PSN+. that way they dont start a flame war with PSn+ user and Xbox live users. Its a way to keep the peace among gamers.
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sherimae2413  +   941d ago
ok, i understand ^_^
Soldierone  +   941d ago
To counter the argument, simply state the first few games that retail for 50 dollars were paid for. After that, every single game is entirely free.

"but but but you pay for free things? No!" Yes, I paid for Spec Ops and Darksiders, the other 63 games were all free.
condemmedman  +   941d ago
Well it's obviously a lease a or rent system. Its not free.
Philoctetes  +   941d ago
On Tuesday, I'm going to download Sleeping Dogs at a marginal cost of zero. If that isn't "free," I don't know what is.

Yes, there's an up-front cost, but each individual game thereafter is in fact free.
kayoss  +   939d ago
Don't to try to convince me and many on here. *in a low secretive whisper* it's the Xbox people you have to convince. They seem to be very sensitive when it comes to this type of subject.
Skate-AK  +   942d ago
I'm personally not going to buy any new games until PS4. I have such a huge backlog of games from +. It doesn't help that I like to Platinum/100% the games I play.
-GametimeUK-  +   942d ago
It stopped me from buying games for around a year. I have really cut back, but there are a few games I will need day1.
despair  +   942d ago
Yea I said that as well a while ago but then Ni No Kuni, GOW:A, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and others came out and I had to get them. Plus with Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xillia and Killzone vita coming I suspect I'll break that vow some more.
kayoss  +   941d ago
Dude you will miss out on Beyond two souls, the last of us, and gran turismo 6. Those are the 3 games that i cant wait for when it is released on the Ps3.
Skate-AK  +   941d ago
Haha I know. I'll just borrow them from my brother like I did Bioshock Infinite and Injustice. Actually I probably will buy Gran Turismo 6 if I don't have Drive Club by then.
Pillsbury1  +   941d ago
But there are sooo many awesome games yet to come. The last of us, gta 5 and mgs 5. So much epicness left in this gen!
Skate-AK  +   941d ago
The Last of Us I will just borrow. Game looks great though. Forgot about GTA 5. It will be a Day one buy for me.
sway_z  +   942d ago
The Article ask's a rhetorical question...?

A waste of cyberspace, completely pointless.
mercyme   942d ago | Spam
matrixman92  +   942d ago
im waiting to renew until there is something big I already havent played. I have decided to do 1 month at a time, because there have only been a couple of things that I havent played, that I actually want to play. Its an extremely YMMV situation
MasterCornholio  +   942d ago
Guess what i got yesterday?

Hitman Absolution i cant wait to play it.

And guess what else?

Catherine cant wait to run around in my boxers and Malicious seems interesting as well.

Sony treats their plus members like gold.


Agreed people who pay to access their internet connection are stupid. Seriously why does anyone have to pay a fee to access it? I mean its free on my PS3 and PC so why cant it be free on any other system?
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CaptainSheep  +   942d ago
Enjoy Hitman and Catherine! Both are GREAT games. I personally think Catherine's better, but that's just my opnion. :D
PS+ has been outstanding for me. I renewed my subscription in March. Got Spec Ops, Vanquish, Disgaea 3. If it weren't for PS+, I'd have never played those amazing games.
bakasora  +   942d ago
Now I feel bad about it.
Mathew9R   942d ago | Spam
majedx9  +   942d ago
thy upgrade my 90 day sup, to one year!!!
Urzusix  +   942d ago
Rawr I love PSN+ makes me sad I spent so much on my Xbox gold ;-;
PurpHerbison  +   942d ago
Only play AE from that list. ;]
GABRIEL1030  +   941d ago
Plus is the best service in videogames ever created!

I have two subscription US an Europe...this is a criminal month : Sleeping Dogs, Blazblue, Catherine and Hitman absolution. :)
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Kidmyst  +   941d ago
I love plus and have been a subscriber since day one because of the features they said it had and have been happy since. Gamers I know who held off, got the free Plus when the Sony outage happened and got hooked and now all pay for it. I did they 12 month plus 3 monts free renewal so I'm good until 2015 now. I buy the games I want day 1 but so many are So, So for me and then to see them free is great!
Jek_Porkins  +   941d ago
I think it's definitely worth it to people who don't buy a lot of games throughout the year, I had a years worth but didn't renew because about 75% of the content was games I already owned. I'm sure that isn't a big problem for the majority, but for someone who buys a ton of games each year, it ended up not being worth it to me.
Skips  +   941d ago
"but for someone who buys a ton of games each year, it ended up not being worth it to me."

Wait wait wait, Hold up a sec... Putting the games aside. Cloud saving (Up to 1GB for PS3 and 1GB for PSVita), automatic updates (While you sleep), MASSIVE discounts on games and DLC, early access to betas, 1 hour FULL GAME trials, and other freebies such as avatars and themes isn't worth it? Sure buddy. -_-

It comes off as you thinking the freebie games thrown in are the MAIN part of PS+. LMFAO!
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Veneno  +   941d ago
I bet one look at your trophies, if you even have a PSN account, will show us just how many PS+ games you own.

So you really buy around 50+ games per year just for your PS3? Wow thats a lot considering how much you troll sony.
Jek_Porkins  +   941d ago
I never said I buy them all for PS3, but I do own around 75 PS3 games, 245 Xbox 360 games, 75 Wii games and 10 Wii U games. Gaming is my hobby, and when a game like Sleeping Dogs comes out on PSN+ it does me little good because I have it on Xbox 360 already, as that's the console I buy 99% of my multiplatform titles for in the first place.

I stick by my statement, if you buy a lot of games, the service isn't as good a value, there have been months in a row where the games were all games I already owned.

As for cloud saves, I've not used that feature on PSN or XBL, I save things to my HDD and that is it.
mikemadden  +   941d ago
If you're a new ps3 owner ps+ is a must.
Veneno  +   941d ago
Its even more amazing if you just bougght a Vita. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, wipeout are all showcase games. All free! Uc and GR alone are retail priced more than Plus. Thats insane.
josephayal  +   941d ago
PS+ is probably the best deal in gaming right now and well worth the money just like xbox live
violents  +   941d ago
The first month after I purchased plus I added up all the items they gave away to suscribers and it added up to like 285 dollars, I paid 50 dollars for a year subscription and that "optional" 6 bucks a month has only gone up in value every month since. Couple that with auto updates and online storage and all the other perks, well.....

Verdict: totally worth every penny
GraveLord  +   941d ago
Xbox fanboys in denial.
Toon_Link  +   941d ago
As a dad with a 3&5 year old playstation plus has been so awesome for me, I almost never buy a game right away mainly because I don't have the spare cash these days and plus offers me so much gaming for 50 dollars a year! I can't recommend plus enough.
bluetoto  +   941d ago
Didn't see the value in ps+ since I buy so many games and owned most of the games I wanted to play until I realized how much I could save by just trading/selling off the physical disk for another new title while still having access to the same game anytime I wanted.

That $50 bucks has turned around and saved me hundreds, literally. The best part for me is I get to loan a copy to a buddy (don't gamers do that anymore?) and expose them to games they otherwise would have ignored, adding a new online co-op partner( since greedy pubs/devs have just crapped all over splitscreen ) and gaining new fans for the series which in turn helps ensure another game in the series. win/win for me.

but it's all about the games for me, don't really understand this new gen of "gamers" who care nothing about games.
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Silly gameAr  +   941d ago
Been a day 1 sub. Planning on subbing for as long as PSplus is around.
Thomaticus  +   941d ago
I love ps plus. Better deal than Xbox live everyday of the week.
Yetter  +   941d ago
It's a great service but if you think Sony has implemented this service because they just love their playstation customers so much you are terribly naive. As soon as they announced PS+ it was obvious to me that this Sony's way to lay the ground work so their customers get used to paying monthly subscription fees. There is no way that the Sony execs don't cringe every time they see the posted revenue earnings from XBLG. This quote I pulled from Sony Bossman Yoshida right after the PS4 reveal really supports my opinion.

Interviewer: Will online gameplay remain free?

Yoshida: “We totally believe that we want to provide more functionality and more services and more content on the network. And so we are looking at how we are going to structure that. And we are not ready to talk about that.”

Actually I kind of felt like Sony responded to every question about the new PS4 in this matter. It's not a 'yes' or 'no' but rather a big pot of word soup.
solid_snake3656  +   941d ago
Well PSN+ is definetely worth it for me, since I get PSN+ for free. I signed up for a playstation credit card, and they gave me a free one year subscription for PSN+ and a $50 psn gift card. And when the points add up on my credit card I can get more free stuff on psn. Even if I didn't get PSN+ for free, I wouldn't mind coughing up $50 a year.
ziggurcat  +   941d ago
of course it's worth it. i've gotten close to $1,000 worth of games out of the service so far.
AriesFury  +   941d ago
This was done already. Time for some new stories people.
Orionsangel  +   941d ago
If I had a dime for every time an article about Playstation Plus being worth it appeared on N4G. I'd have 50 dollars.
DonFreezer  +   941d ago
It's simple no Xbox fanboy can claim the opposite.PSN has become what Xbox Live should have been.Paying to play online is a joke when the other camp gets that number of games for free.And we're talking about great games like Demon's Souls , Bioshock 2, Street Fighter IV and a whole other lot.I expect Microsoft to do something like this with the 720/Fusio/Infinity or else I would never consider Live.I don't use my console online but for those who do Microsoft should at least remove the paying to play fee.Those big if's will make xbox 360 owners like me decide on my next purchase of a system.
tubers  +   941d ago
Lease or free. Whichever it is, it's given me enough reason to keep my VITA.
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