Raid Seizes 28,000 pirated games

"500 officers from the Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) and the Agencia Federal de Investigacion (AFI) teamed up to knock on a few doors down in Mexico City's 'notorious' Tepito district. By the end of the day, four pirate hideouts and three booty stashes were raided, netting roughly 290 DVD/CD burners, 28,800 illegal copies of games and more than 900,000 game cover inserts."

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Kami3722d ago

AFI=mexican FBI
at least they r doing something now.

travelguy2k3721d ago

and its not a big city like Mexico 300,000:30,000,000 about 10% the size. I think i can go into Pitillal (small neighborhood) and find probably more than 10,000 pirated video games and 100,000 movies for sales at various small stores. This find of 28,000 is a rather small start as the industry here is so huge in this regard. I buy pirated movies, i admit it, i also buy real ones and blue rays (when i can find them) one of the reasons i buy pirated movies is because the PS3 is region locked on DVD's and any pirate movie will play. I have never bought a pirated game nor will I. I hope to see more raids in the future and this seizure number should skyrocket.

deeznuts3721d ago

Did you mean Mexico City has 30M people? Wow!

In any event, 300,000 is not 10% of 30M, more like 1%.

marcdz13721d ago

Que bueno pinches piratas. Ya tienen que parar todo eso para que puedan vender todos los juegos en las tiendas.

7sEvEn3721d ago

This could only lead to good things in Mexico its a small ring they sized up but its a start.

deeznuts3721d ago

Now they can focus on cleaning up Tijuana. They're killing people down there left and right. Military vs. drug gangs. I need my Puerto Nuevo lobster!