Sainsbury’s Start Call of Duty: Ghosts Price War

Since the official unveiling of Call of Duty: Ghosts earlier this week numerous retailers have been quick to announce the start of their pre-order campaigns. First out of the gate were UK specialist GAME and supermarkets Asda and Tesco. Today however, Sainsbury’s have joined the race with a very competitive price.

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webkatt2052d ago

i wish they would drop the price of black ops 2 so i could finally pick it up

famoussasjohn2051d ago

It's been on sale numerous times since it's release. It's $40 at Amazon and Best Buy right now.

LackTrue4K2052d ago

"price war?!?"

5hiiiiiiit.....i hope there a55 are not thinking of charging more the 60 bucks!!!
in my eyes, only AAA games are worth 60 now.

JKelloggs2052d ago

This gens price of games needs to drop, set by the example of Deep Silver with Dead Island.

Saying that, I'll still be picking up this CoD at the standard £40 price tag

jay22052d ago

The sheep will pay 50. Yearly games like Thor and fifa should be £20