EDGE REVIEW: Lost Odyssey

Edge writes: "Lost Odyssey, perhaps more than any other 360 game yet, typifies its stereotyped genre. While it's resolutely conformist, it is also a resounding success within those tight constraints.

Lost Odyssey contains some of the most tender writing ever committed to a videogame. Kaim, the game's protagonist, is cursed with immortality. Cursed because, for all of life's joys and triumphs, there is inevitable and equal sadness and loss. It is these burdens – wives and children departed, homes razed by natural disaster, the unforgettable death masks of 10,000 enemy soldiers – which, when multiplied over eternity, become a weight too heavy for any man to bear.

Despite its length, Lost Odyssey is essentially a celebration of finite things. Its lasting message, a message punched home at every opportunity, is a warning to those who wish for immortality. Everything has its day, says the game, and nothing should last forever. An apt lesson, perhaps, for the game itself."

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