Next-Gen.Biz IN-DEPTH: February NPD Stats Analysis

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "How have PS3 sales really fared since the price drop? Should we be concerned with low software sales on Wii? Can Xbox 360 leverage its head-start with a mid-year price cut? Don't miss Next-Gen's must-read, in-depth, staturated, NPD analysis.

There are multiple storylines to follow in the February 2008 videogame market sales figures reported on Thursday by the NPD Group. The Wii continues its runaway sales streak while the Xbox 360 suffers under production constraints and the PlayStation 3 attempts to turn the corner. Software sales were up significantly, evidence of the market's shifting focus from the hardware platforms to the games people play on those systems.

Today you'll get the broad storylines, but also the details underneath. Yes, the PlayStation 3 is selling reasonably well, but just how well was the $400 model selling relative to the more expensive model? Given last year's concerns about Wii software sales, how well is the system pushing software now, compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3? Is the Xbox 360 going to get a price drop or new hardware models?"

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LightningPS33722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

it doesn't take a genius to know that PS3 has been doing better since the $399 sku.

But even still, it's no match to 360. If 360 had enough stock, it would still be outselling PS3.

And the rich get richer as Microsoft is striking first with a price drop this year.

You gotta feel sorry for PS3. Even more sorry for it's fans, all they can do is watch as someone ass rapes their console.

gunnerforlife3722d ago

lool ur very funny u know that.

whoos the machine that has been kicking 360's ass for the last 2 months in every single region. it cant be the 360 cuz its already dead in japan and EU and has last in US for the last 2 months(shortages my assss) those are just excuses 1 week before NPD results come out they say 360 has shortages loool funny. 360 has run out of legs. the only thing MS can do now is drop the price down every month till it become free, then it might actually take the lead in this console race but are gone cut down the price of the Ps3 by £50 when GTA4 come and then another £50 when MGS4 comes then you'll see how a console should lead in a race.

WIIIS13722d ago

READ the full article. It doesn't sing PS3's praises very much.

Anything but Cute3722d ago

I just noticed how he has his plan all worked out, 360 has GTA 4, Madden 09 to keep sales strong and then Gears of War 2 to cap off the strong holiday.

He didn't mention any possible PS3 plan.

WIIIS13722d ago

For those who are too lazy to read or simply refuse to read objectively and impartially, the analysis appears to be in favour of Wii and 360.

And as any educated person would have guessed, the analysis has also confirmed that more PS3s were sold in February because of the price drop (and I would say, nothing more).

littletad3722d ago

You already have 3 disagrees with there being only 3 comments. Does a positive analysis of FACTS bring such contempt responses?

gEnKiE3722d ago

Dam..doesn't everybody have a Wii already?

littletad3722d ago

Yet it still outsells it's big brother and the 360.

season0073722d ago

yes it is based on data and information...but no, it is not analysis, more like BS

PSWe603722d ago

wow, PS3 has the most hardware revenue, I would guess it would have been the Wii

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