Video Games vs. Depression

Can games help tackle depression? Danny explores the link between video games and dealing with mental health issues.

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pain777pas2047d ago

This was well done and very interesting for a number of reasons...........(looking in the mirror)

AIndoria2047d ago

Yes, and no. It had helped me through A LOT of tough times, yet at the same time there were times where I simply kept switching games or doing nothing at all, quitting after half a math, swapping discs....yeah, Games don't always help but when they do, they do it really well.

GABRIEL10302047d ago

Not only for depression. I was sick for 4 bad years and the games kept my mind busy and far from bad and negative thoughts, really I appreciate the games :)

jon12342047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

games are good, i love them and they help alot... but some people who use them to escape, lose their sense of reality and live their life in games, which can be worse :(

easternbalboa2046d ago

That's exactly why I play games