Mobile Game of the Week - Game Dev Tycoon

"With the bank manager on the phone, you realise that rather than make a sprawling, story-driven RPG, you need to play it safe for a while and go with what's popular. A little research bubble tells you that military shooters are in right now: If you fire your writer, you could just about scrape one together.

"Six months later, Call of Medal Field hits the shelves and it's a smashing success. You total a million sales in the first week alone and your studio, Despondent Games, is featured on the cover of a magazine. Everyone's happy with you. Your fan count is massive, the publishers love you and you've got more money that Croesus. Maybe we should do this again...

"This is Game Dev Tycoon and it's excellent. Charting the career of a game studio as it grows from one man in his house to a AAA goliath, it's not just fun, easy to use and challenging; it's satirical, thought-provoking and hilarious."

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