Eurogamer: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm Review

Eurogamer writes: "Soulstorm is an "expandalone" in the splendidly bloody science-fiction strategy series, Dawn of War. That basically means that Dawn of War is getting a little pricey if you want to keep playing the same game, but with the extra races. They're not a bad idea if you fancy a dabble: there's no need to have the original game, and there's some new stuff bolted into a proven and familiar game. Nevertheless there's a sense of vacuity. Nothing much is being achieved by this game, and there's really nothing new to focus your attention on.

Still, someone must be making a few quid out of these expansions, since they can't be all that expensive to develop - the tech has been around for four years, and the previous races are bundled each time, with the same skirmish maps, the same art assets, the same (if slightly tweaked) army builder, and so on. It's a pity the people who actually made this game - Iron Lore, who went bust last month - won't see a penny of it. Jumping into the mire of the Games Workshop universe didn't do them any good at all."

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