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Submitted by tem1985 1010d ago | news

No FIFA 14 For Wii U?

FIFA Insider look into Eurogamer's suggestion that FIFA 14 won't appear on the Wii U. (FIFA 14, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Qrphe  +   1010d ago
This would be unfortunate. This game has a better chance of showing up on Wii U than Madden ever did due to greater appeal it has.
Myst  +   1010d ago
It's a shame, haven't played a football game in a long time but I can see that the WiiU pad would be perfect for this ( as well as a American Football title ). At least in showing plays on the bottom screen.
BattleReach  +   1010d ago
Remembers me when EA's Ricotello walked on stage during Nintendo's E3 conference 2011 and said 'We fully support Wii U and all our EA Sports games will be availible on Wii U'. I haven't seen a single one.
NYC_Gamer  +   1010d ago
Madden 13 and Fifa 13 are on Wii U
PygmelionHunter  +   1010d ago
They suck hard, though, at least compared to other versions. If they are gonna keep releasing crappy ports on the platform, they might as well pull their leg out altogether, I'd rather play a complete game on my PS3.
--Onilink--  +   1010d ago
i guess by now we can expect anything related to EA wont come out on WiiU. I have no idea if the issue is just because of the origin thing or not. Therefore i cannot blame Nintendo for not fixing their relationship with EA because I dont know why they broke down in the 1st place.

As a multiconsole/PC user i dont mind, but its a shame for a lot of people that only have a WiiU.

And if the issue was just the Origin thing, then god forbid Sony or MS dont get into EA's ridiculous side, or more consoles could suffer the same fate
Upbeat  +   1010d ago
TO be honest it will probably be a broken game from day 1, just like all fifa's.
2pacalypsenow  +   1010d ago
TO be honest it will probably be a broken game from day 1, just like all current Video games. "FIXED"
Upbeat  +   1007d ago
wow i must of hit a nerve
Sameh  +   1010d ago
If you're talking about the servers, yeah. The core game itself is always brilliant.
Starbucks_Fan  +   1010d ago
Meh. I'd rather buy a sports game on the PS4/Xbox Fusion. To me, graphics is pretty important for sports games and the Wii U wouldn't impress me that much.
Jek_Porkins  +   1010d ago
I think I mentioned this before, but the biggest rumor on Nintendo forums is that Nintendo went to EA to design their online service because of their experience with Origin, something happened to where EA wanted pretty much all profits from the service and Nintendo backed out.

This could explain what almost seems like bad blood between the two, there really isn't any excuse not to put FiFa or Madden on Wii U, especially since they could easily port the Xbox 360 version to it.
Rhaigun  +   1010d ago
Wow. Wii U can't even get support with sports games. That's pretty bad.
PirateThom  +   1010d ago
Dreamcast didn't have any EA titles and it did OK....

Regardless of what fanboys will say, Madden, FIFA and Battlefield are big names, not to mention the likes of Mass Effect, Dead Space, Crysis and a whole host of others that fall under EA publishing.

This news is bad, really bad, for Wii U.
badz149  +   1010d ago
EA single-handedly killed the DC
they was the biggest publisher at the time and that really was a HUGE blow to Sega and DC! a handful of games alone, no matter how good they are will not be enough to keep a platform alive! you need support from all angles and I hope Nintendo learns this fast or the Wii U is dead!
hduce  +   1009d ago
What killed the Dreamcast was Sega's financial situation before the console was ever released. Its still one of my favorite consoles of all time. Also the rampant piracy that plagued it didn't help.
cee773  +   1009d ago
dreamcast had visual conceps (nba2k and nfl2k) it was just unfortunate those gems didn't really gain mass appeal until after dreamcast died everyone was so into madden and live during the DC days and now they would sell their soul to get nfl2k back
Triggytrolls  +   1010d ago
13 on the wiiU is shite compared to 13 on ps3 and Xbox.
PirateThom  +   1010d ago
This is pretty much EA sports games summed up, the first edition on a new platform is basically a hack job.

Hell, FIFA 13 on the Vita was just FIFA Football with player updates.
brewin  +   1009d ago
Its disgusting what they get away with isnt it? No wonder they are considered the worst company in America. If the shoe fits...
TheVideoGamHer  +   1010d ago
I think it's safe to say that no EA games are coming to Wii U from here on forward lol.
brewin  +   1009d ago
Oh well. That will be a blow to Nintendo, but its not like EA was giving the Wii U quality versions. It may be better to not put it out at all than to release a shitty, downgraded version. Gamers are smarter than that nowadays, EA cant pull their same old BS tactics. Remember when the 360 first released and EA put out majorly gimped version of all their sports gmaes? Yeah... they DID that. Inferior version on Next Gen systems dont sell. simple as that. I really hope thats not why they arent releasing. This just opens the door for Konami with Winning Eleven and any other sprts game company to fill the EA Sports void. I hope someone steps up, Im kinda gettinjg sick of EA Sports games anyway, aside from NHL.
DivineAssault  +   1009d ago
doesnt surprise me
MasterCornholio  +   1009d ago
Another one bites the dust.

Oh well at least Nintendo fans have those Mario sports titles so they wont complain.
mcstorm  +   1009d ago
If ea make it for the psv this year I don't see why they don't make Wiiu version to. I have had fifa every year of the 360 and was looking forward to seeing what they did with the Wiiu version this year as I know a few people who are planning on picking a Wiiu up later on this year. But that said im also interested in the new pes as they have said they have a new engine on the game so if there is no fifa I think pes might be the game I go for this year.
quantae06  +   1009d ago
They aren't making a Vita version this year.
mcstorm  +   1009d ago
Thx for letting me know I did not know that.

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