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Submitted by PrivateRyan 1009d ago | opinion piece

GTA 5: Will It Be This Gen's Last Great Game?

NowGamer: With a lack of games exclusive to this generation of console hardware after GTA 5's release, Rockstar's game is shaping up to be the last great console game of this gen. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

Sandmano  +   1010d ago
I think it just might be this gens GREATEST game. Just like R* to end this generation with a bang!
TimmyShire  +   1010d ago
It's hard to look at GTA 5 without all the hype, but I genuinely think this could improve some of the problems of GTA 4 to make the best one yet.

And I do enjoy GTA 4.
BiggCMan  +   1009d ago
For all we know, the story and life of the city can be a dud. It sounds unlikely, but it's all possible until we play it. IF it's great like we all want it to be, then still I will say no to this question.

After GTA V, there is Watch Dogs, and Beyond: Two Souls that look to storm the industry big time. The guy says Watch Dogs doesn't count because it is being co-developed for PS4, well that's sorta bull to me.

We also don't know if Metal Gear Solid V will be released on PS3/360 or not, as this gen still has a good 2 years before it dies down.
DARK WITNESS  +   1009d ago
@ biggcman

Well you could say the same about any of the other games coming out. It's at this point that looking at a dev's track record kind of gives you an idea what to expect.

I can understand saying the story could be a dud, but the life of the city? There is no dev that has mastered the art of making a city feel so alive as R* has.

Watch dogs looks great but it's being made by Ubisoft and I am not being funny, but they have put out plenty of duds. They are great at hyping games and making cool looking trailers, but when the final game is released... looking at you AC3... major letdown!

everyone keeps saying we don't know enough about GTA5 or we have not played it etc, but right now we know a hell of a lot more about it then we do Watch dogs or many of the other games coming out end of year so it really is an open book.

I guess we will just have to wait and see. with what I know so far and what I know of the other games coming out, if I was a betting man my money would be on R*. it's just my opinion but R* only let me down once with gta4 but that game was still better then a lot of other openworld games, and after RDR and the gta expansions, I think they know what they are doing.
MikeMyers  +   1009d ago
I hope it's not the last great game on current systems. GT6 is also rumored to come out in November for the PS3. They shouldn't just drop support all of the sudden when there are over 200 million systems out there counting the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. It takes time for consumers to move on as well. I expect after the Christmas season of 2014 we will see a significant drop in support for all of them. I think it's already happening on the Wii.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1009d ago
All in all, GTA V, The Last Of Us and Beyond will be a great games to play before diving into next-gen. The last half of this year is going to be phenomenal.
EditorAtGNG  +   1009d ago
Last, no way. Greatest, hopefully (but doubtful).
TimmyShire  +   1010d ago
I think so, but then I am a BIT of a fan of GTA. I even enjoyed GTA 4. I know, right?!
BiggCMan  +   1009d ago
I also enjoyed GTA IV, but at the same time I was thoroughly disappointed by it. So, it was a well made game no one is disputing that. I enjoyed things like the driving physics and the gun play a whole lot.

But, like most people, I was disappointed by how grey and dull the game was in story, and graphics. The city was useless really, and mainly a means to get from A to B. I enjoy realism in certain games, GTA is not a game where it belongs, nor works.

Tanks, jetpacks, parachuting (it was in Gay Tony, never played it though), mini guns, fun activities, cheats that make great moments..This is GTA, on top of all the comedy and dark humor that 4 severely lacked.

GTA IV worked as a game, everything fit together, but it wasn't really GTA.
abzdine  +   1009d ago
funny people already claim a game will be great without knowing anything about it other the names of the main characters :D
R_aVe_N  +   1009d ago
I wouldn't bother to say that people don't tend to listen. People always get hyped up over pretty much nothing when GTA is involved. They could say "It will use Buttons" and it is Game of the Year. There are plenty of games that could easily claim that exact same thing at the end of this year.
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InfamousBIG  +   1009d ago
It is kind of funny when you look at it like that lol.
GameCents  +   1009d ago
Same can be said about most other anticipated games.
solidt12  +   1009d ago
@abzdine I would agree with you if this was a new IP but this is a GTA game and they have never failed. Plus we have seen trailers and many gameplay mechanics that people have been lusting over. Also three playable characters! There is no doubt in my mind, this game will be great.
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CJDUNCAN  +   1009d ago
No, this gen's last great game will be watch dogs, which just so happens to also usher in the next gen =)
-GametimeUK-  +   1009d ago
Probably not, to be honest. Dark Souls 2 has the potential ro be great and it may release after GTA5 sooooo...

I'm sure we'll probably see another great game on the system.
Zcarnut  +   1009d ago
It is nice to see that there are some big titles coming out for the "old" systems, even though the next gen consoles will be rolling out at around the same time. I dont foresee them getting as much love after the holiday season though.Out with the old,in with the new.
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waltyftm  +   1009d ago
I believe it will be one of them, The last of us, Beyond 2 souls have me more excited than Gta5, but fingers crossed that it is as good as San Andreas.
R_aVe_N  +   1009d ago
San Andreas was one of the rare GTA games I actually enjoyed a little. If it is more like that I might pick it up later when the price drops. Beyond is still my most wanted title this year. I am still on the fence on The Last of Us mainly because I don't like survival horror games, but Naughty Dog is making it which makes me want to buy it.
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GameCents  +   1009d ago
People always get hyped up over pretty much nothing when Naughty Dogs is involved. They could say "It will use Buttons" and it is Game of the Year. There are plenty of games that could easily claim that exact same thing at the end of this year.
emad-E-three  +   1009d ago
Of curse NO there is a Masterpiece called Beyond Two Souls XD
jcnba28  +   1009d ago
We're talking abut video games here not movies.
DigitalRaptor  +   1009d ago
Give it a rest already. Heavy Rain is a game, Fahrenheit is a game. Beyond: Two Souls is a game. You're in control from moment to moment and there's plenty of gameplay.

It has more control and options than Pong, so by your logic Pong isn't a game. It also provides you with as much freedom as classic point and click adventure games, so unless you want to say they're not games...

Beyond Two Souls comes after GTA V and both are different types of video game.
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Fishy Fingers  +   1009d ago
Not sure about that, I'm confident the current gen will still see great games (even if cross gen) for a good while after the next gen launches.

Although as I know I'll be jumping next gen on day 1, there's a good chance it might be the last great AAA I personally play on this gen.
Walker  +   1009d ago
The Last of Us says hello guys !
GameCents  +   1009d ago
See 3.1 and 7.1.1
Mr-SellJack  +   1009d ago
meh upvoted u by mistake
sly-Famous  +   1009d ago
Uhhh......No it wont, because Sony will continue to support the PS3.
babis1974  +   1009d ago
i think we will see great 'old gen' games for another year.till mid 2014...
isarai  +   1009d ago
The Last Guardian?
josephayal  +   1009d ago
why not? It's one of the most expensive games ever made
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1009d ago
The Last of Us, Beyond 2 souls and Darksouls 2 will disagree with this.

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