IGN Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review & HD Video Review

Eighteen months have gone by since the original Vegas and the world of geeks and nerds has been waiting with baited breath wondering whether or not Ubisoft Montreal would give them the sequel that they so desperately wanted. To be a true success in the eyes of many faithful fans, Vegas 2 must offer a fitting conclusion to the cliffhanger storyline, revamped gameplay and the most fleshed out multiplayer mode the world has ever seen. Rainbow Six Vegas 2, while a worthy follow-up, doesn't meet such lofty expectations.

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Neurotoxin3715d ago

Good score, may rent this one. Looks as though the Unreal Engine Gremlins are ever apparent on the PS3 again though.

Neurotoxin3715d ago

The phantom disagree monkey`s strike again, please explain how any of my comment wasn`t based on FACT! Good = Score *TICK*, PS3 = Problems *TICK*.

The Wood3715d ago

but wasn't that the 360 review??

Neurotoxin3715d ago

No its a joint review, its the same as the PS3.Ign review.

sonarus3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

He said UE3 has lost its shine and it is no longer as beautiful as it once was (which is what i have been saying since forever) so it is left to epic to show us how good UE3 graphics really are on consoles.

By the way what are UE3 gremlings?

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ISA_Scum3715d ago

hmmmm....more lag apparent in the PS3 version? But how much more...hopefully no more than what was in the first one. Goes to show you that they did port this game, contrary to some reports.

The 8.2 for the PS3 version is still solid and still has me happy about this game. Still, it gets me wondering if waiting for BF:BC or Haze is more worth it....I guess we'll see as the week progresses. Regardless, if I do go through with picking this baby up, I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot.

gEnKiE3715d ago

Ya, I don't even pay attention to port reviews, or any reviews for that matter. Just about everygame I played on the PS3 that got a lower score because of some frame rate issue, downgraded gfx, or whatever other idiotic reason, never bothered me because your not going to notice the diff. when playing it unless you wanna be an idiot and compare the two. I kind of think its stupid how they rate games like this now. They just keep fueling this console war..... Ohh well, anyways, Ive always loved the Raindow Six games. Can't wait to play this one.

sonarus3715d ago

ps3 version of rainbow 6 was an unnecessarily bad port though. I will pick the game up tomorrow so i can find out for myself how bad the lag really is.

Kleptic3715d ago

^what?...most sites that rereviewed the game for the PS3 gave it the same score...only mentioning stuff like less bloom lighting (which is good or bad depending on your own preferences)...

both the 360 and PS3 versions of Vegas 1 were very average looking...especially online, where the texture streaming was out of control...I played the PS3 version first, then played the 360 version...and the differences were minimal from what I could tell...both struggled in the same areas...

that was the problem for me...Vegas 1 was getting 9's across the board on both I bought it...and there was no way that it deserved a 9 imo...the disappearing bodies reminded me of Goldeneye...the very average visuals overall...the extremely lame voice acting...the ridiculous story...look back on Vegas 1 and its not that far off track of Gears 1 or bioshock...which is totally insane...the cover mechanic was/is one of the best around...but there are way more problems everywhere else imo...

might rent this...but with the maps coming for CoD 4, that will definitely hold me until Metal Gear Online...

gEnKiE3715d ago

I wanna get the first one but im afraid no one is going to be playing it anymore.... :S

Guwapo773715d ago

Actually there is a lot of people still playing the PS3 version as folks aren't worried about gamerscores and such. I do expect this to change as more of the diehards start playing part 2.

Kleptic3715d ago

really?...I bought it right around when it released...and there was next to no one online...and who did play, only played calypso...just like my experience with XBL for the most part (no idea why everyone was so addicted to that)...

I might play it again soon...haven't played it since Warhawk released back in August...

iMad3715d ago

COD4 and GoW forever!

MisfitSmurf3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

cause you know the camping in call of duty just makes the game so much fun, who doesnt love having a person sit in the same spot the whole game with a light machine gun ready to mow you down soon as you turn the corner

power of Green 3715d ago

I'll rent it purchased the first one and returned it only after 4 hours.

Neurotoxin3715d ago

Ello Mart, i mean POG. ;)

ngg123453715d ago

Some of the best multiplayer still. I hate ign reviews though, especially multiplat. I need to wait on others before, to see which version is better...

power of Green 3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Not following you?. Mart is a European, let me know if I'm miss guessing what you meant.


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