Rambo: The Video Game gets new screen, actually shows Rambo

Rambo: The Video Game developer Reef Entertainment has sent us a new screenshot from its Stallone-flavoured cavalcade of bandanas, blood and bro-splosions. They also spooled off a list of new gameplay features.

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ninjagoat1421d ago

Watch First Blood and the screenshot will mean something to you.

Sandmano1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Rambo needs to look bigger IMO Something like this.

FreakdoutKid1421d ago

sound something to watch out for

camel_toad1421d ago

I'd love for this to actually be a good game but I can't help but have my extreme doubts.

Arai1421d ago

Seems like a underrated game, don't know about you guys but so far the game looks interesting.

I like what I'm seeing so far, some new trailers wouldn't hurt though.

Skate-AK1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

It's a rail shooter if you didn't know.

Edit: I like rail shooters. I was just letting him know.

hiredhelp1421d ago

So was operation wolf and thunderbolt still hugly popular game so was terminator on megadrive. great games My point is it can work if done well even in this demanding gen.

1421d ago
camel_toad1421d ago

Rail shooter. Man that makes me miss Panzer Dragoon. I wonder what ever happened to the panzer dragoon kinect game...

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The story is too old to be commented.