Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Working Toward Updates

4Jstudios works on new updates for their version of Minecraft, hoping to add more content for Xbox 360 players soon.

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YoureINMYWay851607d ago

Is it that fun? Never played it?

Nigel_kilby1607d ago

For sure, I recommend purchasing it.

SlapHappyJesus1607d ago

I put a lot of time into the 360 version.
Definitely good times to be had in Minecraft, no matter what platform played on.

-GametimeUK-1607d ago

Hell yes! If you have a creative side it's amazing. You can build things in as little or as much detail as you want. It's a fantastic game and a highlight of this generation for me, personally. Reminds me of playing with lego.

iamgoatman1607d ago

There is a demo for the Xbox 360 version, I recommend you give it a try before you buy, some people just don't see the point in it, other love it.

Knight_Crawler1607d ago

If you do decide to get it, make sure you tell your social life good bye...this game is very addicative.

Even when you dont have anything to do, you just want to build and explore - sometimes I find my self chopping bush for no reason.

TheSaint1606d ago

If you liked Lego as a kid you'll like this.

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CJRearick1607d ago

It's a great game. Had a lot of fun times.

creHEARTive1607d ago

I have never understood the appeal of Minecraft.

-GametimeUK-1607d ago

Creativity, exploration and goofing around. Improving your techniques, experiencing the game with friends and being inspired by other sources to go and build something. Looking over your finished pieces and the satisfaction of everything working out well in the finished build.

The game is very appealing.

gamerlive1607d ago

Minecraft has a huge and diverse audience of creative fans.

josephayal1607d ago

Why do people like minecraft so much? For some reason, a lot of people at my university are obsessed with this game