VG247: Fable 2 for "late autumn at the earliest"


"Despite Fable 2 being listed as a May 30 release by yesterday, the game will not be released until the end of the year.

"Peter was saying at GDC that Fable 2 won't be released until late autumn at the earliest," a source told videogaming247."

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DarkSniper3656d ago

As the wait continues.........


iAmPS33656d ago

What once was considered a gaming console, now it's more appropriate to be called WaitBox 360.

How sad, XBOTS should've kept their mouths shut.

BTW, I am not talking about 360 "real gamers" (if that is to be found) but i am talking about those XTARDs that spit sh1t out of their mouth.

GOTPWNED3656d ago

lol! bubbles to sniper and iamps3.

notice how many bots are absent? they cant stand waiting for bull$hit games. I can see why cause fable sucks ass anyway.

GETPWNT3656d ago

why dont u go back to touching your children, u stupid FUUUUUUCK!!!!!

meepmoopmeep3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

it's understandable that some people get disappointed when a game they really want gets pushed back, but to me, i think it's good that the developer is taking that time to polish the game up.

sak5003656d ago

Wtf is wrong with play and wrong dates? NG2 is also in june and they said next week.

ps360s3656d ago

I wanted this game asap!!! lol

I was telling my cousin to get a Xbox 360 for this aswell to play co-op on Live (well for Lost Odyssey but guessing his not since he only comes to mine to play it) looks like I have to wait but I guess it means good thing since it gives me plenty of time to complete the other titles that coming out aswel other on both Ps3/Xbox360.

They can take their time I guess :)

Capt CHAOS3656d ago

FPSs etc..

But I quietly excited about this game. Look forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.