Neverwinter Foundry Spotlight – In-Depth Producer Walkthrough

The Koalition writes: "Neverwinter and User-Generated Content are two terms that go hand-in-hand with one another. Ever since Neverwinter Nights, the PC RPG from Bioware that originally released back in 2002, the games have always featured robust tools and systems for players to author their own content. While The Foundry in the latest Neverwinter game, an MMORPG from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, may not be quite as deep as the previous Neverwinter games, it offers more than enough to satisfy the urge of Dungeon Masters and amateur developers the world over."

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rbailey2053d ago

Having had a chance to play this game at a PAX East Behind closed doors event, I can officially confirm this is indeed a good time for MMORPG fans. Great Walkthrough. All we need now is a release date for the game.

Letros2053d ago

Unofficially its already out as the open beta characters won't be wiped upon official launch.

I'm really enjoying it, its a breath of fresh air into the MMO world.