Five Indie Devs Tackle Three Stupid Statements

MWEB Gamezone writer WelshPixie rounded up five indie game dev friends and gave them three of the frequent sweeping silly statements that keep cropping up in gaming to comment on - F2P can't be high quality, video games are not art, and the PC games industry is dying.

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HanCilliers1932d ago

Great read, those are very relevant questions, great replies from the 5 devs

WelshPixie1932d ago

Yeah they were good answers ^.^

Choc_Salties1932d ago

Indeed, and never forget the PC will be a contender for some time though. The degrees of control you have with a PC will keep it going for some time, even though one can already see some titles on consoles supporting mouse and keyboard interaction - Dust 514 for PS3 is a good example, nothing stopping other devs including that...

sherimae24131932d ago

hmm good answers from the devs...
but i personally like riva selso's answers, its straightforward ^_^