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Submitted by NathanM 1016d ago | opinion piece

Are Consoles Affecting PC Games?

Analog Addiction writes, "The argument about PC graphics being better than console graphics is an unwinable war for either side. PC gamers say their games will always look better, while console gamers try to come up with poor objections that we all know do not suffice. However, is there a bigger issue regarding the PC and console relationship? Could it be an issue PC gamers are neglecting and console gamers do not care about? I think it is. I bet you are wondering what world ending catastrophe I am talking about? It is the idea that the quality of PC games are affected by their console counterparts." (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

ZoyosJD  +   1016d ago
"PC gamers say their games will always look better"

"but I have never seen anything running on my PC like the clips from the PS4 game trailers."

I'm not trying to take these quotes out of context, but it really is an all too common, yet quite delusional argument to say you are being limited to console quality while still arguing that you are getting better quality.

When you are willing to pay more outright you can get more, but don't act like all PCs are so far beyond next gen when the first thing you are concerned about is how well your new game will run at your goal for resolution and FPS, because in the end your PC is just holding back the guy who is willing to spend $5000+ on his rig.
NathanM  +   1016d ago
I completely understand your point. I understand PCs vary in performance and capabilities, but let's think about the guy who spends $5000 on his PC. Even if he can play his games on the highest setting, he still is not getting visuals that are equivalent to what we saw with the PS4 trailers.

Your argument is very valid, and I know there are so many different factors to take into account when discussing the topic, but I decided to examine it by generalising PCs.

Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to continue the conversation.
ZoyosJD  +   1016d ago
"he still is not getting visuals that are equivalent to what we saw with the PS4 trailers."

THIS is why PC gamers hate console gamers.

@ATI I'm still waiting on your thread about how the PS4 uses the non-existant "7790m" graphics chip.

and THIS is why a tech enthusiast like my self hates the biased views of Both sides.
MikeMyers  +   1016d ago
What's funny to me is all the arguing between console owners, mainly PS3 and Xbox 360. They argue about any slight difference. In fact we have sites like Lens of Truth that talk about screen tearing, frame rate and pixels between the two. Always trying to depict a winner. Meanwhile the PC usually trumps both by quite a bit but console owners are always quick to dismiss the PC.

We also see games like Battlefield 3 get dumbed down on consoles. Less players online, poor frame rates in comparison, often console games struggle to even maintain 720p even though companies like Sony promote true HD when the PS3 came out. Then you have games like Civilization that is way more casual for console owners while PS3 and Xbox 360 owners continue to argue about which system is more hardcore than the other. It's just so ridiculous.

We also seen the arguments about DVD versus bluray while the PC never even uses bluray. So shouldn't the PC always be the lead platform (for multiplat titles) or do we want to keep the arguments alive between console owners?

The truth is console gaming is where the money is. Games like Call of Duty used to be more hardcore when they were first on the PC. Now development is taking console gaming much more of a focus during development. So yes, console gaming has affected PC gaming. They have had to because that's where the bulk of it's customers are now. Blame piracy or blame the marketing spent on console gaming. Either way we've seen he impact.
NukaCola  +   1016d ago
Unfortunately PC gamers get their 3rd party game shafted a little bit because consoles are the priority since they are what sells the most. But I think with Sony, (at least since they are revealed so far) having a pretty beefy core system and more PC-like infrastructure, PC version can be maximized as the gap of limitations from console for those really high PC only specs is reduced. Not only does it mean the PC will not suffer, the consoles wont either. It's going to benefit everyone but the Wii U, for obvious reasons. Hopefully the next Xbox will be right on board.
ZoyosJD  +   1016d ago
A very reasonable point of view.

There is nothing that can be done on PC that can't be scaled to consoles or PC's best. In fact PC gamers do it every time they change a setting or increase the FPS count.

Their games are held back by consoles and propelled beyond that by mods.

They are limited to consoles, yet restricted by their own hardware.

Purely hypocritical arguments bent to their point of view, always separated point on point, but never recognizing they are limited by their own choices in the same breadth.
ATi_Elite  +   1016d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
I like how "Some" consolers who DO NOT have Gaming PC's or play PC Exclusive Games get on N4G and talk like they are Experts who know everything about PC Gaming.

Then they wanna trash talk me just because I CORRECT them when they are wrong and present REAL FACTS.

PC does more than play just play games so when you people realize that you will realize the cost difference.

PC Games are NOT all about graphics and YOU consolers should appreciate that as YOU CONSOLERS will say "games are not always about graphics" when I bring up Arma 3 and it's Killer graphics.

PC has a ton of games that require a good system to include all the NPC's and A.I. and Players and Physics on screen at once.

Now for the Graphics issue. High Texture Mods. every dam PC game has them which makes the graphics even better than the Devs had planned.

As far as consoles....I play a few console games here and there but the majority of my Gaming time is spent on PC Exclusives.

That's right folks PC Exclusives, those Games that just can't be done or done right on consoles cause of the wonderful benefits of the PC

anyway Consoles are just copying the PC Gaming System so in reality No, consoles have No bearing on PC Gaming cause PC Gaming is about the thousands of NON Console games that the PC has.

Console = One size fits all
PC = 100% customizable gaming experience.

I'm a PC Gamer cause I like the total control I have over my Gaming Experience and I enjoy the Deeper and More realistic Core PC Exclusive Games.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1016d ago
PC = One size fits most*
papashango  +   1016d ago
PC = One size fits whatever you want it to.
d3nworth1  +   1016d ago
You do realize that consoles and PC have mostly the same components. GPU, CPU, ram so saying a console is coping the PC . I will agree console have no bearing on PC gaming. All those NOn console games for PC are pirated to no end.That why they eventually make it to consoles. Just like how PC fanboy bragged on how Crysis would never make it on consoles. PC are NOT the end all gaming machines. There are advantages for consoles being one size fits all. If you have a game that works on 1 ps3 it will work on all ps3s not so with PC. Take the new Tomb raider. There was an issues with nvidia gpu causing graphics glitches. It takes longer for patches to fix to come out cuz there are thousands of different PC configurations.Trying to figure out what causing the problem takes time. On console the fixes come faster since . You dont have to be a PC gamer to know the issues with PC. We all use PCs. All gaming platform have there downsides. The Perfect gaming machine doesnt not exist and it definitely NOT the PC."Master Race" what a joke. The funny thing is that PC games are cheaper than console game but yet it still has the highest piracy rate of all the gaming platforms combined. Explain that.
TooL 316  +   1016d ago
First, not all PC's are created equal. Second, do not compare yourself to those who take PC gaming seriously, and consider themselves true PC gamers. Anyone who is serious about PC gaming will more often than not, have a mid to high end PC. Owning a PC does not make you a PC gamer. What you (ZoyosJD) can run is not indicative of what the average PC gamer can run. Nor is it evidence of to support the so-called superiority of consoles. The witcher 2, Crysis 3, Far cry 3, I’ve been playing games at PS4 graphical level going on 2 years. There was nothing at Sony’s preconference that blew me away graphically, simply because it is the same level of graphics I have been witnessing on my Pc. Here is another advantage, when PS4 and The Next box are released, I will not have to go out and buy it. With the exception of the First party exclusive, it’s fair to say that most 3rd part games will find a home on the PC. I will not have to spend 400-550 bucks on a new console. Consoles are great don’t get me wrong, but PC’s will always be superior.
-GametimeUK-  +   1016d ago
Console gaming has a huge impact on the PC crowd. Even if the PC is capable of so much more the developers still for the most part design a game for consoles and straight port it to PC. Dark Souls is a good example.

On the other hand the PC has a great community that fix everything.
NathanM  +   1016d ago
Dark Souls is actually I good example I forgot about. Don't quote me, but I believe the highest resolution was 1200x720?

I agree that the PC community has some very talented people who take time out of their busy lives to create mods for higher res textures, etc, it's awesome!

Thanks for reading.
aquamala  +   1016d ago
Dark Souls is an exception, not the norm, can you even name another recent game on Pc that's limited to only 720p? PC gamers wouldn't be upset about a straight console port like Dark Souls if that's "normal". I'm playing tomb raider, bioshock infinite in 3 screens 5760x1200, ps4 can't do that
ShinMaster  +   1016d ago
Why would I wanna do that?
Tomb Raider on PS3 looks the same as the PC version running on mid-high settings.
That's why resolution and fps aren't necessarily everything.
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aquamala  +   1016d ago

no it doesn't, more like low-mid settings, frame rate cap to 30, and only 720p resolution

here's what digital foundry says
"In the here and now the use of these effects on PC provides us with an early look at what we might expect to see from next-generation console titles in the future."
"On the PC the ability to run Tomb Raider at 60FPS makes a huge difference to how well the game plays. Lara moves about the environments smoother, the controls feel tighter and more responsive and the action generally looks and feels that much more polished as a result. "
MaxXAttaxX  +   1016d ago
Have you even seen the game running on low settings?? It has low res texture all over and Lara's clothes are blurry. From the details to the lighting, the PS3 version is very much up there like he said. Resolution and frame rate are separate subjects, since people sometimes lower these settings in order to achieve 60fps and 1080p.

The fact that they managed to get a lot of these games to run and LOOK close to mid settings (or even high in some cases) on current-gen consoles with less than 512mb of RAM gets me pretty excited for PS4.
These are some of the reasons why PC aren't really comparable with consoles, especially when talking about specs. It just doesn't always translate the same.
#2.1.4 (Edited 1016d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
cayleee  +   1016d ago

You couldnt be further from the truth, Tombraider on PS3 has horrible FPS issues.

Low end PCs are capable of running Tombraider in 1080p ofcourse wihout the DX11 effects. However that is still way ahead of what the PS3 is managing.
Hazmat13  +   1016d ago
consoles have there own following and style, same as PC. both sides have a positive and negatives but it all depends on your play style, the only 'War' is the fanboys on both says sayin we are better. normal gamers are just in the game others are well just dicks.
NathanM  +   1016d ago
Don't take the picture on the article as the subject of the article, I just wanted that picture to have PCs and Consoles in it. This really is nothing about which is better.

I definitely agree with you, though, it's the games that matter.
Krosis  +   1016d ago
Interesting. Do they mean effect PC-Exclusives? Or just Pc ports? When companies have to worry about developing for multiple platforms than naturally they have to develop for the bare minimum--a design that accommodates the short comings of the weakest system the game is targeted for e.g Final Fantasy being scaled back for 360 accommodation. The PC, forget about cost, will always have a significant edge in power for the simple reason that the PC is a fluid market and highly upgradable--install the technology as it comes out (and if you can afford it.) Consoles on the other hand are designed with a long shelf life and a format for software upgrades only.

While the PS4 and the Xbox 720 (fusion or whatever they decide on) come with an abundance of modern bells and whistles, the reality is technology progresses much faster than console shelf-life, not unlike the ridiculous cell phone market. Pc Gamers who have the coin (a minority) already have computers that far outpower the PS4 and surely the next Xbox as consoles are designed for a market that is in the $499-$599 range--a cost that is just not congruent with the best current hardware (you can spend $599 and well up on a GPU alone).

Console gamers are in a sweet spot as they are the majority--the platform drives the industry. PC, despite its idiosyncratic superiority in terms of the latest hardware and graphical prowess will always play second fiddle to the console as a result. PC-exclusives just don't bring in the cash like console games do.
Getowned  +   1016d ago
I don't think consoles hold back PC gaming or affects it all that much, You also can't forget that PC has a huge indie dev scene and a lot of those games wont make it to consoles. I say yes sometimes its affected, but not always. I use to be a console mainly gamer and now i'm a PC mainly gamer I haven't touched a console since last October and I've been really happy with games on the PC more so than I was on a console. I've enjoyed the mods and being able to tweak my games and steam and the all the indie games have been fun! Honestly I can play all games on max settings and that isn't the reason I play games on the PC although its nice to see the games looking as good as they can, however most games I play don't look that great or anything mind blowing, right now I've been playing Cry Of Fear, not the prettiest game but its fun.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1016d ago
Of coarse they are, but imo not in a negative way. I was a console only game til I bought my first gaming pc in Aug. I've played pc games before but couldn't get into them because I'm not use to the M&KB setup. Now pretty much every pc game I play has controller options with out the need for software. This wasn't the case many years ago. Steam has "achievements" of there own. Friends list, all kinds of console like features. So imo yes consoles effect pc gaming and I'm glad for it
Agent_hitman  +   1016d ago
Obviously console games really affects PC gaming.
Somebody  +   1016d ago
Consoles and PC affect each other in a lot of ways. The multi platform games environment created by current gen consoles made it possible for medium spec PC to play games nicely. While PC gamers who kept buying PC hardware are lending a hand in developing newer hardware which will eventually find their way into next gen hardware.

There's one thing that is a giant thorn in this symbiotic relationship: exclusivity. Easier, better and faster porting ability between gaming platforms doesn't mean Sony and MS will allow tons of games, especially long time exclusives, to be all multiplatform titles. With next gen, both are eyeing the indie devs that made mobile gaming a roaring success.

There's a lot of potential that next gen consoles will benefit the PC but there is also the danger of the PC being cast aside even more so than before. We've seen it happened in the early days of current gen consoles and after the recent mobile revolution the PC is seemingly set on another rough(er) years ahead.
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taquito  +   1014d ago
ps4 is not even close to a high end gaming pc from 2011

games like crisis 2, metro 2033, far cry 3 in 2560x1600 will blow away every single ps4 launch title

eventually ps4 will have games with slightly better on screen graphics than those games, but they will be in very low resolutions like 720, 800p, 900p etc.....

plus, judging from the trailers, which I admit is not really enough ground to make firm judgment, there are still going to be tons of jaggies on ps3, there are none on my pc

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