Why Video Game Trailers Suck Now

Gabe and Tony talk about why video game trailers aren't that great today.

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BXbomber2047d ago

kinda of agree, i see trailers nowadays and i always get the "meh" feeling. Back then i would either be stoked or just mind blown of the trailers from games like uncharted etc. but recently i haven been impressed with alot.

Crazyglues2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I so agree with this video, -Video Games Trailers today are some of the stupidest things I have ever seen to sell a game, but I understand why they do it- (Better to have you asking questions, builds up the interest ???) -At-least that's what they think.

-First let me say if you don't show game-play in your trailer, actual game-play of the game (you have already lost me with your trailer the second it ends) I have already forgot all about it.

I am only interested in seeing what I will actually be playing.. Otherwise I have completely zoned you out, Like ad's on Facebook...

So if the idea was to get me pumped up about the game you have failed.... -But I would guess they are not targeted at me, they are more for the people who probably don't read game reviews or talk on game sites... They are for the causal gamer - That person who knows nothing about the game.

And maybe that's the real Question? Are these commercial even for us... I would say no, they don't make them for us anymore because they already know they got our money, they make them for the possible new customers who never heard of this game..

And that's probably why these commercials suck so bad..

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morganfell2047d ago

While video game trailers may not be up to par, their shortcomings are completely eclipsed by opinion driven refuse that masquerades as objective and insightful game journalism.

Before anyone suggests the developers and publishers repair their marketing, the gaming community would be better served by hitting the trash dump button on the widespread personal point of view me me me prejudice that has overtaken real reporting.

It doesn't matter how correct or well made the trailer as media leeches from offices, bedrooms, and basements will find a way to provide a disservice about that same game.

Gamers would be better if these people linked hands and jumped from a cliff rather than their posting one more article about something less game impacting that is in need of repair.

ape0072047d ago

Grand Theft Auto V trailers are SICK, also watch dogs latest trailer is awesome

zerocrossing2047d ago

There needs to be some kind of advertisement guidelines emplaced for video games IMO, getting really tired of live action trailers that show no gameplay, I mean I whats the point of the ad if your not showing the product?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2047d ago

I've seen a couple of live-action ads (Playstation All-stars/God of War: Ascension). Both of which also had their fair share of gameplay trailers. The live-action of PASBR and GoWA seemed like they were aimed at fans who were familiar with the series. Which live-action tralers are you talking about?

zerocrossing2046d ago

As well as the ones mentioned in the video, Assassins creed, COD (pretty much all of them), Skyrim and Defiance to name a few.

As it stands now it's not a big issue, but something needs to be done and the solution seems pretty obvious to me, devs/pubs should be forced to show actual gameplay in their ads.

ironfist922047d ago

Someone doesnt understand the point of a "teaser" video

zerocrossing2047d ago

Teasing us with what? live action cut-scenes not representative of the actual game? I wouldn't call that a "teaser" no, this is just the industry's latest attempt to generate hype.

vitullo312047d ago

a teaser is one thing to just get people excited.. but the live action stuff is just stupid It has nothing to do with the game or gameplay

Roccetarius2046d ago

Using CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077 teaser as an example, it shows what you'll be dealing with some of the time while playing the game.

Most companies release irrelevant teasers, but there are some good ones.

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